... your goddamn sappy Netflix-narcotix.

It’s probably almost impossible to believe but this man (in the clip below) was one of my heroes when I was 13 (living in one of the most famously toxic neighborhoods in America). In 1972, I read an excerpt from one of Ionesco’s plays in either the Saturday Review (I had a subscription) or Evergreen Magazine. The excerpt from his work of the “Theater Absurd” took over my imagination and I tried to write something similar, although I didn’t quite have enough Life-experience to put my unusual vocabulary to good use until much later.
Even now, his rational, intelligent and properly skeptical (anti-doctrinaire) voice soothes me… while the nonsense flying in, from every direction, is jarring and,  so,  pushed deeper into a corner of the equally enraged and bored, by the predictable stupidity of the led-by-their noses, this video is my little antidote or capsule of smelling salts…
Here’s my Absurd statement: the genuinely Intellectual (realm), is OUR common birthright as Sapients. We neglect this birthright (or cede it to criminals) at our peril. Note the distinction Ionesco makes. Demi-intellectuals. I know a few. I’ve read and rejected many.
At 9:22 he is ON IT. Has anyone nailed (the super-promoted) Sartre as coolly (effectively)  since?
Incidentally, at 4:22 there’s an error in the English translation: he says “Bergson” (as in “Henri”) not (the suitably absurd) “Vercsone”!





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