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Because do we really think They (TFIC*) don’t have decades of filthy, disgusting, illegal, immoral and High Definition beyond-the-pale material of T-Rump on VHS, 16mm film, infrared video, Nagra audio plus aisles of notarized documents with which to get him yanked out of office (and fitted with a ball-gag in Guantanamo) before Xmas… if They wanted? Do we really think there aren’t videos of T-Rump frolicking naked with Thai adolescents? Are we really believing there’s no room full of foot-thick dossiers of evidence, in all of T-Rump’s financial records, of tax evasion, blackmail, extortion, bribery, insider-trading, outright theft and international money-laundering? Are we kidding? [Can you even get in office if they don’t have a blackmail file on you?]

And just imagine how easy it would be to Grassy Knoll him and blame it on a deranged (Vegan Birkenstock-wearing Manchurian soccer mom in a Prednisone-induced psychosis) patsy… if They really wanted T-Rump out as quickly as possible.

Is it that T-Rump has just as much on Pelosi/ Clintons/ Biden/ Obama/ Gates/ Koch/Soros as they have on him? Is it a “Mexican Stand-off”? Is the “impeachment” a clever way to energize his base, and lock him in place, and distract his enemies while he continues to Front (as Bush, Clinton, Bush and BHO fronted before him)  the accelerated looting, of all that’s left of our Serfy Gold,  for the benefit of TFIC and Their glorious dream of an Infinitely Stable Technocratic Neo-Medieval State? Because any horrific shit they pull off while T-Rump is in office They can (and will) totally blame on T-Rump while They keep crypto-complicit  Influencers like BHO pristine (for his future role as First Earth’s Chancellor?)…

I’m not saying I have a definite answer to any fundamental question addressing the bizarre spectacle of T-Rump’s WWE Impeachment… or anything else…  I’m just saying that to take the official narrative of this circus… or anything else…  at face value requires the kind of wide-eyed faith worthy of a nine-year-old (pre-molestation) choir boy,  in rural Ohio,  in the early 1950s. I’m just saying (as ever): THINK.


THINK and be Suspicious of Everything They Do. Being Suspicious of Them, by default, makes it much more difficult for Them to get away with it. A vigilantly suspicious (or, at least, unified)  Electorate is treated with more respect (see: the 1950s)  by its Abusive Ruling Class. Current conditions would indicate that They have nothing but contempt for us. This is why the schools are underfunded and the infrastructure is decrepit and it’s why we’ll soon be offered Deluxe Euthanasia Vacations instead of Retirement Funds and Medicare.  Auto workers of Detroit once made nice middle class incomes because they had turned themselves into a Unionized Fist demanding respect. When They broke the Unions…

It wouldn’t hurt to start with the premise that in any Actual Democracy, the Candidates themselves would not be appointed by TFIC… right? In an Actual Democracy, Nobody from Nowheresville would have a shot at the nomination. Having Appointed Candidates and calling it a “Democracy” is like offering the choice of two pre-approved grooms and therefore not calling it an arranged marriage.  The genius of this trick is mind-boggling if you but THINK.

And, no,  it wouldn’t hurt to start with the premise that TFIC are smarter than US (and very tricky) and that’s precisely why We aren’t TFIC…  They are smarter, more ruthless**, better organized, more clear in Their long-term objectives…  and rising to that humble epiphany, as a Loser on the Leftish,  is a Herculean effort of Ego Death and only the first in a thousand necessary steps to Political Maturity and Radical Unhoodwinkability. We’ve been raised to think that They are inept, dumb, simple-minded and short-sighted (despite the fact the Right Wingers have been running the show since recorded history: name me one Hippie Empire). How many times have Hippies and Liberals, since my college days, assured me,  with a knowing chuckle,  how “inept” the CIA/FBI/ NSA/ ONI/ IRS and PENTAGON are (because The Washington Post told them so)? Well the deal seems to be: We get the Cluelessly Condescending Arrogance and They get The Planet .

And what a deal that is, eh?



*TFIC = The Fuckers in Charge

**Philosophically speaking, establishing dominance in a Primitive Tyranny only requires the superior ruthlessness, of one ruling cabal or ruling cluster of cabals, over all others. In a Primitive Tyranny, the oppressed realize they are oppressed.  Primitive Tyrannies are unstable (constant coup-plotting) and unproductive (conscious or subconscious resistance is noted in the “lazy” or “shiftless” slave). In genuinely Sophisticated Tyrannies, on the other hand, the Dominated don’t, in general, see themselves as oppressed and see those,  among themselves,  who recognize their own oppression as Troublemakers/ Losers/ Conspiracy Theorists. Running such a Sophisticated Tyranny requires both superior ruthlessness and superior intelligence (not on paper but in practise; whether the superior intelligence is distributed among the Chieftains or concentrated in their corrupt [aka Class Traitor]  hirelings is immaterial in this side-comment): this is what we’re up against.



Please, friends, knock it off with all this “A I” nonsense. So many articles! They just keep coming! Is “AI” writing this bullshit?  It is no form of “intelligence,” it’s still just Data Processing (at ever-increasing speed and depth) and we will not be replaced by “robots”.  Not in daily life on a domestic or corporate scale; Industrial Scale, sure. Militarily: aye… domestically and internationally, we’re going to see lots of next gen killer robots:   airborne, aquatic, terrestrial, subterranean,  blood-cell-sized and virtual… though replacing human canon-fodder entirely with robots would, surely, defeat the herd-culling side of War’s eternal point?

Never as maids and shoe-shine boys and prostitutes or robot-repair-teams or even fruit-pickers shall we be replaced by machines. Ten million years of field-tested, intention-free engineering is not about to be bested, for sophistication (or cost-efficiency), in a mere century or two. That ’50s pipe dream is out the window (along with interstellar space travel). It’s just there, that trope,  to sell magazines and/or scare you into lowering your prices. 

Do you know what the etymology of “robot” is***? The etymology tells you all you need to know. They had cost-efficient, self-teaching, multi-function, self-reproducing robots all over the South in the fucking 18th century. Still do. All over the planet.

Always will.



***Amusingly, the online etymology sources on “robot” appear to prefer the euphemism “forced labor”…




No, this (linked below)  is not exquisitely picaresque Terry-Gilliam-style satire. And, no, eating sauteed dog dicks from a silver chalice in an exclusive penthouse restaurant with a view of ant-sized Serfs swarming in and out of the service entrances of the towers of your brutally-policed Dystopolis does not confer enough status, if you’re a special twat with a little disposable cash and an inner void, because although your average penthouse is physically high enough,  the design limitations of  most architecture means that not enough people can see you, literally, being above them, right? Thrones, castles, skyscraping penthouses, miters and SUVs are all about the capitalist dominance-symbology of vertical displacement and this is that plus the open-air sense of gaudy, knee-slapping spectacle that the Romans understood and Bunuel himself would wolf-whistle. From the country that brought us the creepiest public art I’ve ever seen… I give you the stupidest (most Gilliamesque or Hogarthian) thing I’ve seen today:




PS One imagines that each client is provided with only the finest catheter and Foley bag  for when one (despite one’s ethereal aboveness) needs to piss. Or astronaut diapers for the other thing…?

PPS “Hinden’s relocation plans were rejected by county officials who noted safety concerns and felt that such a restaurant did not belong on the Las Vegas Strip.” You know you’re in the Tacky Elite when Vegas judges you…

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