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1 Your period tracker app

might be sharing your sensitive data to Facebook– That data includes when millions of women last had sex- Science and Tech News


2 Homicide experts

estimate there are between 2,000 and 4,000 active serial killers in the US.-The Atlantic


3 An at-home “metoo”-branded

rape kit that includes a roll of “evidence” tape might not be admissible in court.- Boing Boing


4 David Bowie’s

first girlfriend reveals how the superstar would prowl the streets in an old ambulance and pick up infatuated fans for sex sessions- The Sun


5 Last year Ticketmaster

announced its plan to replace tickets with facial recognition at gigs, meaning fans would have their faces scanned on entry into venues.-Dazed


6 An actual name

(but is it Vonnegutian, Robbinsonian, Wolfe-oid or Pynchonesque?): “State senator Dick Harpootlian”- The Guardian


7 Predictably Unpopular Hypothetical Slogan

for a bobbing Placard during a Virtue-Signalling March: “EQUAL RIGHTS/ EQUAL RESPONSIBILITIES”


8 Last week, Wife and I were on the U-Bahn riding across town

to our favorite Turkish grocery store (avocados three for one Euro) when I looked up and saw that, seated on the long seat opposite ours, there sat the dead-ringer for Montreux-era Nabokov. I mean, goose-bump-inducingly accurate doppelgänger this guy was: Nabokov dressed up like a tired old fellow likely to go fishing in the river, weekly, to augment his pension. I nudged my Wife and wanted to say “Does not he look exactly, but exactly, like…”! but I side-mouthed, instead, “Good fucking god it’s Nabokov’s time-travelling twin!” but Beloved Wife is less conversant with Nabokov’s living looks than I am, so she had to i-phone search it, gasping when the results came in. “You’re right!” she whispered.

But that little story is not the point of the story. When I was remembering that moment, from last week, I tried also to remember how Nabokov’s Lolita character (yes, a character, a girl who never existed, conjured in one of the most wonderfully written and supremely anti-erotic novels ever to exist) had said…

“Does not he look exactly, but exactly, like Quilty?”

…to match the occasion of me spotting Nabokov’s double. I couldn’t remember if that line of dialogue was from the novel or the script to Stanley Kubrick’s film of the novel. So I Internet-searched three words:

“Lolita Script Kubrick”

And do you know what appeared at the top of the search results? It’s almost unbelievable; it’s something from a fucking Ionesco play:

1984 Google

I don’t think you need to be able to read German to parse “WARNUNG,” do you? No, we don’t go in for anything as un-stylish as book-burning in our genteel lower-middlebrow techno-gulag… we prefer to make the reading/ discussing/ researching of certain books… uncomfortable. 

Fucking Mouth-Breathing Philistines are Always In Charge of the Asylum. Meanwhile, Internet-search any kiddie-exploiting pop video / fashion brand/ snack-food-ad and rest assured that no Warnungs will be flashed.


9 Race! Identity Politics! Professional Victimhood!

The Final Word on All That (neatly packaged in a Thread Comment: I do some of my best work in the Thread Comment Genre) during my debate, shortly after fuckfacefallguyTrump’s election,  with a few already over-stimulated Snowflakes:

  1. steven augustine

May 23, 2017 at 2:18 pm


“Being a member of multiple oppressed groups does amplify the rate and severity of oppression in a documentable, data trackable manner.”

Perhaps this debate is really about definitions? I think we can all agree that Oppression is a bad thing, but I don’t think we all define “Oppression” the same way. Some of us would disagree that not being greeted, with open arms, by largely-middle-class-white-male gamers, is Oppression. In fact, to be quite honest, I think interpreting herd behaviors, toward “minorities”, that range from neglect to micro-aggression, as Oppression… is offensive in light of the fact that lots of people are targets of real discrimination in the work place, and/or physical violence in public, simply for being “different”.

You wrote, to me, upthread, the following sentence: “How many having strangers fondle your hair equals being called Nigger?”

But you couldn’t realize the irony of it, because one of the most vivid memories of my childhood was *constantly* having my fellow classmates touch my hair (surreptitiously) because my hair was a little bit “different”. The twist: my classmates (from when I was three until I was thirteen or fourteen I lived in a notorious ghetto on the Southside of Chicago) were Black. I was Black, too, but being Black with a few mixtures thrown in, my hair was unusual to my classmates. Were they being Racist or curious? Was I being Oppressed or merely going through the All Too Human experience of being “different” enough to attract attention?

Maybe people of my generation were made of stronger stuff, but “micro-aggressions” rarely came up when we were swapping stories of being spat upon (in my case twice, by White adults), physically attacked (several times, by Black kids), verbally threatened (by Whites and Blacks), menaced by cops (not down South, thankgawd), menaced by gang members (slightly scarier), and, again, my fave, as note above: menaced by a ginger cracker on horseback (that was Vegas in the early ’70s for you). Every single time I was picked on for being *bookish*, as a kid, it was *not* by Whites. So: how to flatten that into a reassuringly standard racial narrative….?

Weirdly, the violence stopped *immediately* when I left the Motherland.

Don’t be certain about all of your Certainties… the Other Side is just as Certain.

Now, while I’ll admit that almost *everyone* in America is at least a little Racist (function of A) History B) Ongoing Segregation), I think it’s off to say that everyone who doesn’t agree with the OP is Racist. Calling people Racist *by default*, without knowing a thing about them, is ridiculous and not the best way to open the channels of discussion. Again: what’s the point of preaching to the choir, and feeling validated when a commenter with presets aligned to yours agrees with you? It’s kinda meaningless.

Why not consider the fact that people (ALL people) tend to be clannish? Why not consider the fact that a Japanese kid who wants to hang in a scene established by Black Jazz Heads is probably going to have a rough time of it, too? As I pointed out upthread: there are going to be ALL kinds of Social Clubs for, say, Lesbians, in a civilized society… and would they make me “feel at home” if I wanted to hang? Would I be considered within my rights to “call them out” for excluding me?

The Elephant in the Elevator in the postmodern institution of American Victimology is the Double Standard that undercuts too much of “Intersectionality’s” lore. As a minority within a minority within a minority within a minority (on top of growing up Black/ Mixed/ Poor and Geek I was an Atheist at an early age, at a time when I could see kids walking to church every Sunday, through the kitchen window of the apartment that cost us thirty dollars a month). Who started the blazingly false myth that “Minorities can’t be Racist”? Because I know more than a handful of day-glo Racist POC (I love ’em anyway but you don’t want to go into an Asian grocery with some of these boyhood chums….)

This debate needs more nuance.


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