This is how to read the “Jeffrey Epstein was murdered” narrative.

“Questions are mounting surrounding accused serial sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide in his New York jail cell over the weekend. Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on Saturday morning at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, or MCC, in Manhattan, where authorities say he hanged himself. The warden at MCC has since been reassigned, and two guards who were tasked with monitoring Epstein were put on leave. Reports emerged Tuesday that the guards may have been asleep during their shift, failing to check on Epstein for hours and then falsifying time logs. MCC, which has housed many high-profile prisoners, has been plagued with reports of understaffing, overcrowding and dire conditions for years. Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán called the prison “psychological torture.” A United Nations human rights expert as well as Amnesty International have also condemned conditions in parts of the jail, saying they are akin to torture and result in “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.”

First, the narrative they present is both “complete” (detailed enough to make a movie in your mind) and terribly unlikely: why no video cameras trained on the tiny cell of the most high profile prisoner in America? They can’t afford to install a web cam? Is this part of Manhattan in a 1950s time warp? You can have security cams/tapes 24/7/365 at Ahmed’s local Quickee Mart, but not at the Metropolitan Correctional Center?

Questions about what Epstein could possibly have hanged himself with, or from (he was on “suicide watch” initially, no? When they took him off “suicide” watch did they give him his rope back?), are not addressed. Instead, your attention is redirected to follow the preferred narrative by focusing on “sleeping guards” who “falsified the logs”. So, there are your satisfyingly incompetent characters to help us fill in the gaps: Barney and Goober snoring while key suspect/witness Epstein hangs. Barney and Goober are then whisked offstage (“put on leave”) so their unlikely part in the unlikely story won’t be investigated further.

If these guards are ever actually interviewed (on camera) at some point in the future, there will be no way to tell if they’re well-rehearsed actors with a script to recite from. Ditto the unnamed “warden” who has been reassigned. Why is he unnamed? (Although, of course, even if he were “named,” it would be rather difficult for the audience to verify the name…  or even if the “warden” was the original warden and/or in on the scam from the beginning). The audience’s ability to investigate and verify the facts of any given case of this nature is extremely limited, which means we rely on “investigative journalists,” to inform us; journalists who may or may not be corrupt.

The “press,” after all, is not an Independent Branch of Government in this “Democracy”… it’s a cluster of privately owned media organs. The owners of these media organs are wealthy . The “news” will tend to reflect their interests. Their interests will not be our interests, nor monolithic…  and largely opaque to us.

The only tools we have for testing the plausibility of the “news” is Logic and the worldly experience necessary for reading between the lines of fantastical narratives which don’t add up.

“Many conspiracy theories have circulated about Epstein’s death, in part due to his close connections to many well-connected people, including President Trump and former President Bill Clinton. Epstein’s death came less than 24 hours after hundreds of pages of court documents were unsealed with testimonies from former employees and new details of sexual abuse committed by Epstein.”

It is perhaps telling that the only “conspiracy theory” that the media continually mentions (or hammers home), in relation to Epstein, is that he was assassinated by mysterious forces at the behest of powerful actors. Again: the necessary elements of a complete narrative are helpfully provided: “Clinton” and “Trump” are now inserted. Using “Trump” in such a way is standard practise (“Trump” is now the excuse or alibi for everything US GOV does these days), but the intriguing question becomes: who, in power, has decided to blithely tarnish the Clinton brand by drafting Willie as a subliminal perp in this narrative? Someone outside of Washington? The Mossad? Impossible to say.

But the unwillingness to go beyond the “he was offed” “Conspiracy Theory,” that keeps popping up in mainstream “news” is, as I say, telling. Because if mainstream “news” even mentions the possibility that Epstein neither killed himself, nor was killed, but is, in fact, in some kind of “witness protection program” and far away… that would ruin all the hard work they’ve put into the “he was offed” narrative. The preferred movie they are attempting to install in The Public Mind, regarding Epstein, is vulnerable to disruption by any more-plausible theory.

If you believe that State or Federal Government are this inept, when it comes to incarcerating “enemies of the state” and “bringing them to justice,” do some research as to how often convicted tax dodgers have managed to escape, or kill themselves in, jail.


INTERLUDE REGARDING IMPLAUSIBLE NARRATIVES WE ARE CONSTANTLY FED (perhaps to weaken our immunity to utter bullshit)

Which brings me to the absurdity of El Chapo’s various supposed exploits of tunnel-escape:

“To begin with, how does the excavation of a clandestine tunnel perforate the floor of a maximum-security prison without any alarms being tripped or staff noticing a sound?

Osorio Chong, by way of an answer, credited the tunnel as a feat of “high technology.” And indeed, it is. The tunnel is 4,921 feet long—slightly more than half the length of the Holland Tunnel—ventilated with PVC pipes, illuminated by overhead electric bulbs, equipped with rails attached to a small motorbike reportedly to speed El Chapo to the end, and built to his exact height of 5 feet 6 inches, so he was able to walk in it upright. It leads from El Chapo’s prison cell to a shed on a weed-strewn lot in the village of Santa Juanita.

… you’ll notice that “Osorio Chong”  doesn’t answer the key question of “how” … but that’s for another essay.

So read this bit again about conditions at MCC, where Epstein “died,” and El Chapo’s feelings on the topic:

“Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán called the prison “psychological torture.”

That riff pretty much guarantees that further “investigation” into the Epstein case, or the conditions at Metropolitan Correctional Center,  will peter out as soon as a new “big story” (Iran? Mass Shooting? Ghislaine Maxwell “suicide”?) is sent down the chute to dominate the News Cycle. Because: who out there in the flyover cares if child-rapist Epstein had an uncomfortable stay in prison? Even mentioning that “controversy” is sort of amusing, no?

If Epstein’s estate manages to sue State or Fed GOV over Epstein’s death/ “inhumane incarceration,” that will both confirm the “Epstein is dead” narrative in the Public Mind and generate such impotent outrage (They find impotent outrage quite useful) that no one among us will want to contemplate the ins and outs of the narrative ever again: it will put a Full Stop* on the story. People will shake their heads in disgust, spit and move on. Mission accomplished. These sorts of stories never last longer than their usefulness to those who craft them (it’s my sense that the least-plausible stories are buried fairly quickly… when’s the last time you saw an Oprah interview with Gabrielle Giffords or Cassidy Stay…?)

And here’s exactly why they gild the Epstein lily with an otherwise unnecessary quote (won’t an ordinary inmate’s comments do?) from good old El Chapo on the “inhumane” conditions of the prison:

(from some lurid True Crime site…)

He Uploaded Executions To YouTube

The suspected Sinaloa boss is notorious for recording and uploading videos of his and his sicarios’ grisly acts to YouTube. According to US federal prosecutors: “At the defendant’s explicit orders, [Guzmán’s] sicarios [snatched] rivals and brought them to him, often bound and helpless, and the defendant then personally interrogated the rivals.”

In 2010, El Chapo uploaded a YouTube video that showed him slaying Israel Rincon Martinez, a fierce rival who had accidentally targeted the son of an ally.

In the same year, El Chapo reportedly recorded the removal of Hugo Hernandez’s face after detaching the rival’s head with a chainsaw. As a warning to the Juárez cartel, El Chapo affixed Hernandez’s skin to a soccer ball and left it in front of Ciudad Juárez’s city hall.

He Took Out Four Jehovah’s Witnesses

On December 2, 1984, four Jehovah’s Witnesses – Benjamin Mascarenas, Pat Mascarenas, Dennis Carlson, and Rose Carlson – knocked on El Chapo’s door. They were Americans in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on a missionary trip. Former Jalisco State law enforcement official Jorge Godoy witnessed the incident.

According to Godoy, El Chapo physically incapacitated the men and then assaulted the women. Afterward, he fired at all four missionaries and dumped their remains in a shallow grave.

Well then! Let’s get to the bottom of those inhumane conditions at MCC, people… !  El Chapo’s, and Jeffrey Epstein’s, human rights were violated! Outrageous! We’re thoroughly upset by this…


No, They (the crafters of this narrative) are counting on you to think: fuck those fucking bastards, they got what they deserved.

End of story.

Oh, and btw:

JEANNE THEOHARIS:   …what I very much hope, what many civil rights advocates and lawyers who have been trying to sound the alarm about MCC for years hope, is that this will finally force us to see what is happening in this high-rise dungeon in Lower Manhattan.

AMY GOODMAN: Right next to Wall Street, interestingly.

JEANNE THEOHARIS: Right next to Wall Street.




So: Is Epstein alive or dead? 

Impossible for us to ever know. Maybe Jeff’s being debriefed extensively, in pleasant Mediterranean surroundings, as I type this; treated as a still invaluably knowledgeable asset by his original handlers… or maybe he’s just dead.  What’s actually important about this exercise is the stretching of one’s mind to dimensions outside the Huxwellian Box  and the recovering of one’s critical faculties to the extent that one’s Logic and Experience can stand up to any attempted brainwashing.


ADDENDUM 22/8/19:

As a perspicacious friend just emailed:

‘Cuz, yeah, that’s what cornered and disgraced suicidal guys do before offing themselves.
“Jeffrey Epstein’s will set up trust fund to shield $577m fortune days before death”




*”Full Stop”  until they make the movie, that is. Then they can be sure you have the movie they want in your head… complete with soundtrack. Starring David Schwimmer as Epstein.

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