1 It is SO inspiring to see the increasing prevalence of Full Figured MALE MODELS out there



2 Healing hug to all the “White” Persons who are convinced that White Privilege doesn’t exist because they themselves aren’t millionaires


3 We are all DEEPLY concerned about C02 in the atmosphere*, so it’s good to know that we’re busy replacing up to 30% of All Parking Lots with Parks full of C02-breathing Trees… while, of course, U.N.-mandating a permanent halt to the suicidal clear-cutting of the Rainforests





5 Well, obviously, because Trump is a fuckface, Baltimore can’t really be a largely corrupt and vomit-inducing shithole and it must be Racist, by default,  to claim that it is, right?

Just like it would be Racist to have criticized BHO, when he was in office, for the very same Fuckface Policies “we” attack  Fuckface Trump (and before him, the evil Bushes) over, because: Partisan Logic. I mean, Trump has thus far killed dozens of innocent, illegally-drone-targeted citizens of Foreigner World,  versus the millions killed by the Bush-Clinton-BHO hydra (with their drones, sanctions and decades of straight up war-crimes)… and Trump said “Grab ’em by the Pussy!”**  while HRC said “We came, we saw, he died!” about the head of a sovereign state, over whose televised extrajudicial execution she presided (Qaddafi was not grabbed in the Pussy but sodomized by a bayonet)…

So… yeah, please, Team, keep chanting: WE MUST STOP TRUMP!

Grab em By The P







*Although of course, we’ve been duped into demonizing C02 (which isn’t even nearly as much of a greenhouse gas as water vapor) by the powerful Petrodollar interests most of us don’t understand are the ones behind the management of the Global Warming scare. Planetary mean temp is driven by the Sun and its cycles. “Global Warming” isn’t the issue with our oil-based civilization, ecosystem degradation is. As I recently emailed to a good friend:

Also (re: Climate bullshit): Our Overlords have “us” focused on these stupid carbon-reduction schemes in order to protect their investment in the Fossil Fuel Culture, since people SHOULD be demanding SOLAR ENERGY, not “clean coal”. They’ve got Duh-Masses thinking that the only viable choices are scary nuclear or fossil when the single greatest source of energy in the solar system is radiating,  every day,  more energy than one hundred earths could use in a year! Satellites could be collecting and microwaving terrawatts of energy to us by now  but Big Oil keeps (among other things) sabotaging progress by buying energy start-ups and burying or diverting them while PRETENDING to be investing in “renewable energy”. The Fuckers In Charge have Duh Masses in a headlock with their massive brainwashing program… it’s dire, Baby. An educated and critical populace would not be so easy to fool.
Similar, in fact, to the “Communism” scam. The real point of Communism (well, after its military use of fucking up Russia with the first big “color revolution” in history; even Kerensky openly suspected Lenin was a German, or Anglo-German, agent) is to make everyone think that the only alternative to Capitalism-As-We-Know-It is scary fucking Communism… when, in fact, the best alternative to Capitalism is (drum roll) REFORM CAPITALISM. Bring back the good laws, add more, enforce them and toss a few thousand psychopaths in prison: done! NOPE! Under REFORM CAPITALISM (everyone receiving a fair wage via collective bargaining) there might be some millionaires but billionaires and trillionaires would be virtually impossible; super-profits are predicated on a slave-based economy… which Capitalism does NOT have to be. 
So all those Oedipally-angry college kids who embrace “Communism” are working for The System without knowing it… they’re merely confirming in their bourgeois parents’ minds that THE SYSTEM,  AS IS,  IS THE LESSER OF ALL EVILS. Which is nonsense. But the nonsense works to perpetuate nonsense.
**Under deeper unquiet onionskins of Western Hypocrisy and Denial we find that Trump’s cry of “Grab ’em by the Pussy” was possibly, actually “Grab ’em, Buy the Pussy!” because Pussy is generally, in “our” culture, on Auction. Ask any 30-year-old American virgin with a “job” in the paper hat economy. Trump may be gracelessly frank, but he is far from being an outlier, sexually. Sex in the West is lucre-based, usually violent and rather sick, “sexy” kinks running the gamut from torture/ choking/ punching/ bondage/ water sports to scat and fisting. College sophomores no longer dream innocently of the tender embraces of particular girls or boys with endearing quirks, they think in terms of pussy and dick, they send dick pics, they do Tinder and Grindr and females are rated by boob-size/ass-size while het males are ranked by earning potential. What, you expect a warmongering, domestically blood-drenched, Racist, overweight and hyper-Materialist lie-culture to be pulsating with a Graceful  Interior Light? Trump is vilified by those he is most vilified by precisely because Trump is what Murrkka sees in the mirror with its masks ripped off. Which can’t be a pleasant experience… except for the Murrkkans who like that sort of thing. 

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