1. i watched at least part of each of these videos

    as the firesign theatre said, about the future (i.e. now) “it’s like bees in your bonnet”

    it wasn’t until i watched the parkour robot (all the way through – i’m glad i did) that i realized the full import of the rickrolling first video

    i hadn’t heard of the angry reaction of the misgendered customer at the game store, but coincidentally yesterday i watched about half of hannah gadsby’s show ‘nanette’, in which she discusses somewhat similar situations she has faced – although with a rather different reaction – i suggest the angry customer is maybe not fully recovered from testosterone poisoning – i hope their treatment is successfully dealing with this problem

    the sinclair group ‘anti fake news’ editorial had come to my attention before – i had sent a card to the local personality who had to read it on our channel 7 here, expressing my sympathy and recognition of the price one must sometimes pay to pursue one’s career, and expressing my support for her whatever her decision, to carry on or to seek a new line of work – i never heard back from her, but i imagined that letting her know that i knew that she was compelled to say those things might have had some good effect, in the long run, maybe

    it was only yesterday that i learned that one of contemporary singer adele’s hits had been written by bob dylan, decades ago – “make you feel my love” – as will rogers said, “everybody’s ignorant, only on different subjects” – long before i stopped following todd rundgren’s latest projects, i stopped buying bob dylan records – who knows if it’s good or bad?


    1. PS Watch the whole “anti-fake-news editorial videos” video if you get a chance… it features an excerpt from the amazingly-well-written monologue for Ned Beatty (recovering his dignity after Deliverance) from “Network”… it never fails to delight!


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