This will be a “quick” (laugh; read: poorly-edited) one as a tower of long-avoided chores is piling up behind me. Quick but necessary, as I’ve posted a fairly dense chunk of parapolitical content this year and some readers are not quite sure how to approach the material…


I re-established contact with an old school friend, recently. J. was a fellow Beefheart/ Zappa connoisseur who was also a musician and who became a respected career scientist.  J. also happens to have married an ex girlfriend of mine (which sadly foreclosed many opportunities to catch-up on old and funny/wild sex stories with J., as many of the stories  I could tell about those good old days involved the very ex of mine J. married). How we reconnected: I was floating around through Facebook’s spooky tunnels and decided, on a whim, to check on J.’s page, whereon I noticed an unmistakable reference to a Radical Writer I’ve lauded hereabouts before (Canadian Dr. Denis Rancourt). I couldn’t let that special signal go to waste and tracked J.’s social media contact data down and wrote a letter; he answered within an hour:  “I think about you all the time, man!”  Just as I had thought often of J.

J. wrote that, at some point in the past fifteen years or so, he and my ex had found themselves in Philly, in front of the place (three houses; a former Funeral Home complex) I lived in while attending Central High, the all-boy college prep; a place I visited with “K” in the 1980s, when my great-Aunt and her husband were still breathing (I have a wonderful memory of skinny, 5’11” tall “K,” with her waist-long crinkly blonde hair, hiding Lilith-naked behind open bedroom doors as the exterminator, who showed up unexpectedly while we were trysting literally over the heads and behind the backs of my elder relatives,  sprayed the rooms while I chatted with him and intermittently ran nude “K” from room to room to remain a step ahead of the guy, who was suited up like a Ghostbuster and would have been flabbergasted to see a naked White Girl  behind one of those doors). So “K” took J. there, twenty or thirty years later, and they gazed on the place, now run-down like something from George Pal’s The Time Machine as the neighborhood went to shit in direct proportion to the shittification of the post-NAFTA working class, and, dunno. Reminisced? I was so touched by this, when J, told me, that I can’t describe it.

J. divorced “Katrina” a little while ago and moved on with his job and started questioning “Reality” at the age many do. I remember very clearly the disorientation and euphoria of suddenly seeing through the cracks in the backdrop:  contradictions, unlikely coincidences and implausible narratives that have bothered you most of your life suddenly begin to make sense when seen as deliberate efforts to mislead Duh Masses.

The Logic of it shines straight through: the people on top (TFIC) have wants/ needs/ goals antithetical to our own… they market products to us that damage our health, they make deals that result in ecological disaster and death, and if they came right out and asked permission to do what they do, after filling us in on all the details, it’s reassuring that most of us would still, of course, say NO. They have no recourse (in their own minds, since the only other option is to cut profit margins in the name of Justice/ Decency/ Safety and cede Power to the non-psychopathic or even stop whatever they’re into altogether) but to invest mindboggling units of Time/ Energy/ Money into the perpetual hoodwinking of 7 Billion people and counting. There is now so much of it, and it is so over the top and generally nonsensical (we’re invading oil-rich countries to bring them democracy?)  that anyone who steps half a meter outside the forest can see right through it.

The catch being that the Enchanted Forest of Parapolitical Revelations  is very deliberately thick with Disinfo, Bullshit and Radioactive Bullshit. Because TFIC are not dumb (that is, the amoral Merlins working for them are not dumb) they seeded the forest with the Bullshit, early on, deliberately, to confuse, distract, discourage and otherwise trap any Seekers in a cognitive maze. And I’m not talking about the latecomer that is the Disinfo Wonderland of The Internet: The National Enquirer was saturating the supermarket check-out lines with stories of JFK living on Pluto with Marilyn, already, in the ’60s… rendering any non-mainstream narrative about JFK’s, or Marilyn’s, deaths too “silly” for anyone with a responsible job to mention, or even consider,  for fear of being banished from the ranks of the Good, Well-Paid and Sane.

People often send me links to (eg) things by the dread rodeo clown Alex Jones or to gushy stuff about bitcoin as a liberatory tool (ha) or re: Assange/ Snowden as “heroes”, and so forth, and I have to very gently counter with, “Hm, yes, but…” and provide worrying counter-facts and the contextualizing argument that “if you and Duh Masses have heard of these things, someone powerful wanted you to, and wanted these things to fire your imagination: why?”

Young people, even the Radically-Inflected Young, are not yet cynical enough to use this humbug-challenging thought process to achieve insight into The Game. One has to be rather Old to understand what monumental Super-Lies We (the non-deluded; the non-psychopathic) are up against. Young passions are impressionable as Silly Putty (there is no end to the potential zealousness of the inexperienced) and easily hijacked by bombardment-media which gull them into carrying out the very objectives of TFIC (The Fuckers in Charge*), whom the Young believe they oppose,  while thinking they are fighting for truth/freedom. Remember how righteously jazzed up the Millennials were over that corporate snake in the Spartan grass,  BHO?  The irony is instructive, no? Those kids naively helped to write a Public Opinion blank check for the obliteration of Libya.


Even Better Example: how many “Climate Change” media blitzes spearheaded by adorable (supposedly self-directed) Nordic schoolkids also mention the satanic machinations of Monsanto and inspire these Disneyoid Shocktroops to march against same… ?

You have to be rather Time-encrusted to have this stuff pointed out to you and mull the paradoxes calmly.

Time is what my old friend J, and I, have, as a stored, and potential, resource.


As any astute parent knows, reverse-psychology is a powerful tool in the art of gentle governance; it’s much easier to trick your child into doing something healthy/ useful/ harmless… and making her/him think it was his/ her idea… than using clumsy, stressful coercion, which triggers overt/ covert resistance. Well, do you think we’re the only ones who know this? For “parents” substitute “TFIC” The Fuckers in Charge) and for “healthy/ useful/ harmless” substitute “self-sabotaging/ convenient for TFIC/ downright Evil”. You have to trick your child because of how very much the childish mind hasn’t experienced/ doesn’t understand. But adults who mislead other adults have no such excuse and fool their fellow (wo)men for precisely the opposite reason: because of all we have experienced and understand. Their objectives can only be reached (without bloodshed) by lying to us and  by using reverse-psychology.

***SO….  Trump isn’t against Mexican mass-migration at all; big business loves the idea; they wanted that southern border down already under Bush 1 . Remember NAU? They backed off of that one: too many White Working Class Conspircy Thuriss made a stink on FB and in Yahoo News Comment Threads; it was the first big objective they couldn’t use 9/11 to facilitate (the second being Syria; they assumed that 9/11 + Obama = Syrian Invasion: no. Duh Masses were too War Weary and burnt out on media manipulation; all the psychometric tests TFIC ran on Facebook and Yahoo News/ YouTube Comment Threads pinged Negative and they were forced to wait. Which leads me to…)

Now they’re using Reverse Psychology with Trump as the energy source. We hate Trump, right? Anything Trump “hates” we love, therefore, right? So what they’re doing is getting Duh Masses to beg for it. It will feel like a victory for Duh Masses when it happens. Big Business will have a tide of hardworking Mexican Serf Bots to replace the defective Murrkkan Serfbots who forgot they were Serfs, demanded some dignity and a living wage in the ’60s and ’70s and rejected slave labor on principle. NAFTA was only the beginning. The jobs are “coming back,” alright… but the wages aren’t. (And imagine: a reinvigorated Military, at Home and Abroad,  running on hungry, fearless, hardworking Mexican and South American Serfbots…)

***SO…  US GOV wants you on more drugs, not off of them, and not just on Big Pharma’s Chernobyly teat. You’re already legally addicted to booze, nicotine,  caffeine, sugar, TV, money and porn,  right? “Drugs” were always just a convenient excuse for Extreme Unfair Policing (just as Homosexuality, not long ago, was a convenient excuse for Extreme Unfair Policing); Drugs were just an excuse for locking up Blacks and a bunch of other poor people. Extreme Unfair Policing is always its own point (but Slave Labor is useful, too). EUP keeps you afraid/ guilty/ in your place. When US GOV starts regulating weed in a thousand commercial forms and charging a nice Weed Tax, we’ll think it was a victory for Duh Masses. We’ll think it means US GOV can’t really be that oppressive at all. We’ll think: see, when we really make ourselves heard, we can change The System! The System will chuckle paternalistically, crack a joke about The Opium Wars and move on to the next caper.


You know those super-hyped, Social Issue Films that show somebody doing very wild, very naughty, very Wrong and sometimes illegal things that this character, near or at the end of the film, learns were Wrong and changes his (or her) ways via a neat, morally-fitting comeuppance? Guess what: the ends of those films… the comeuppances… are meaningless. Whether its Federal Prison or Death, the “lesson” comes at the end, after all the Fun,  and is as effective a deterrent, against Naughty Fun, as Health Warnings on packets of Marlboros. That must have been quite some epiphany for Big Tobacco: we’re selling just as many mega-tons of cancer sticks, if not more, with these “health warnings” on the packages, than we did before…! 

The real impacts of these “cautionary” films reside exclusively in their First or Second Acts  in which we see the character indulging in hookers and blow: think Wall Street. Think Wall Street‘s famous tag line: “Greed is Good”. Supposedly ironic, right? No. That Tag line went straight into the reptilian stalks of everyone in America (and beyond) who was older than a year old in 1987, helping to accelerate a rapid shift toward crass materialism and venal amorality that taught the whole country only one lesson: Don’t Get Caught.

When I returned to the US, in ’95, after living abroad since 1990, I was shocked, I felt like Rip Van Winkle, because so much had changed. Every single person I’d known back in the 1980s, all the The Clash-loving, Henry-Miller-reading Hipsters, had turned into hucksters. Everyone I knew was part of some “multi-level-marketing” (aka Ponzi) scheme and I had to endure one blindsiding pitch after another my first week back. Nausea-inducing. Everyone I knew had become a snivellingly venal little capitalist finger-puppet when I came back in ’95. I suppose it was from watching all those “cautionary tales” like “Wall Street” and “Less Than Zero”.

What happens to Al Pacino’s character at the end of Scarface? Who cares? Scarface-the-meme has  launched a million drug dealers, local gangsters and wannabe rappers (in Miami alone) since its debut. The cautionary value of Scarface = Ha.

It’s like those “gritty” films (in their thousands, for decades) on TV and in the Cinema, showing gangs with, say, forty % Black/ Hispanics and ten % Asian and 50% White. Even with one of the leading detectives/ cops being Black, those films were still highly effective anti-Black propaganda. There’s not a member of the bourgeoisie, older than two, in America, who can see my Darkie Face for a millisecond and not think, automatically, “crime”. It’s quite clever, this plausible deniability. “But one of the rapists in the movie is White! One of the heroes of the movie… in fact, yes, the one who sacrifices his life to save the White Heroine… is Black!”


How about American History X? The film supposedly showing how bad it is to be a Neo-Nazi.  And how the protag learns this lesson the hard way, by film’s end.  Except the protag looks the coolest, by far,  in the middle of the film, pre-reform, when he’s a raging and impressively lethal skinhead with a gun. At its end, in fact,  the film appears to deliberately show the reformed skinhead as a spineless “cuck” with a clipboard. And, interestingly, all of the violence the skinhead protag perpetrates in the film is a reaction to Black individuals and Black gangs committing serious crimes unprovoked: protag’s racist fireman father is killed (martyred?) by Blacks when he’s called to put out a crack-den fire; skinhead protag ends up catching and killing a Black character in the middle of an attempted car theft; the reformed skinhead’s little brother is killed by a Black kid at film’s end. Strange way to argue against racism (and Neo Nazis), no?

What a cool guy:

(Note the “right turn only” sign in the upper ahem right corner of the image below)

(And check out the rattan chair in the image below; remind you of anything?)

(which version of Ed Norton’s character is cooler/ more charismatic/ more “inspiring”?)

Well then. Why? Why would any clandestine force hype and distribute films with Anti-Anti messages built in their subtexts, like some highly advanced form of propaganda? Social engineering, perhaps? To keep the Serfs divided, to keep one of the deepest wellsprings of American Political Energy (fear of, resentment toward,  Blacks) replenished?

In my early twenties I began thinking: Wait: I’ve seen dozens of films about Nazis, in my life, and despite the fact that everyone agrees that the Nazis were the worst kind of people (the enemies of Civilization itself),  the Nazis are overwhelmingly depicted as Handsome, Extremely Intelligent and Heartless in Hollywood product. The first two attributes are unmitigated plusses and the third… Heartlessness… would appear to be a minus, though it connotes a certain kind of power, no? A certain… dare I say it… Super Humanity? Isn’t that how the Nazis presented themselves? If you want to attack (rather than promote) the Nazis,  why show them as they wanted to see themselves? Why not show the Dumb ones, the Unattractive ones, the absolutely Repulsive ones; the weak-willed followers…  as most of them, clearly, were?

Think about it.

Thinking is the only “woke” there is.



I like to drop this one into conversation from time to time. Consider it a kind of Koan.  Contemplate it. Does it make any fucking sense?  Perhaps contemplating this paradox will lead to Enlightenment. Perhaps TFIC think we’re morons? Perhaps we are. Om.

“The Bay of Pigs Invasion (Spanish: Invasión de Playa Girón or Invasión de Bahía de Cochinos or Batalla de Girón) was a failed military invasion of Cuba undertaken by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-sponsored paramilitary group Brigade 2506 on 17 April 1961. The United States sought the elimination of Castro for his insistence on communism. Launched from Guatemala and Nicaragua, the invading force was defeated within three days by the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, under the direct command of Castro.”

“About 1,334 men traveled on a seaborne force from Guatemala, of which about 1,297 actually landed in Cuba, plus an additional 177 airborne paratroops. An estimated 114 drowned or were killed in action, and 1,183 were captured, tried and imprisoned.”

If only there had been a US Naval Base nearby, a US victory against Cuba would have been assured… !

“Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is a United States military base and detention camp located on 120 square kilometers (45 sq mi) of land and water at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, which the U.S. leased for use as a coaling station and naval base in 1903. The lease was $2,000 in gold per year until 1934, when the payment was set to match the value in gold in dollars; in 1974, the yearly lease was set to $4,085. The base is on the shore of Guantánamo Bay at the southeastern end of Cuba. It is the oldest overseas U.S. Naval Base.”

“In the run up to World War II, the base expanded greatly.”


In August 1961, representatives of all American nations convened at Punta del Este in Uruguay for the Inter-American Economic and Social Council. At a cocktail party, the Cuban revolutionary leader Ernesto “Che” Guevara spoke with Richard Goodwin, then an adviser and speechwriter for President Kennedy. Near the end of the conversation, Goodwin wrote, Che “went on to say that he wanted to thank us very much for the invasion—that it had been a great political victory for them—enabled them to consolidate—and transformed them from an aggrieved little country to an equal.”

Why, it’s almost as though the whole thing was a theater piece…!

4. (bottom right corner of the map: large American Naval base; upper left: Havana)



(to cite myself)

*A. “Who controls your water? Who controls the electricity that powers your devices? Who built the machines that provides the electricity that powers your devices? Who controls who meters the water and the electricity and charges you for your use of both to a fraction of a unit of measure?  Who determines the architectural layout of your city? Who’s in charge of the zoning permits? Who’s in charge of the hundreds of thousands of laws and rules and codes governing your behaviour? Who’s in charge of the schools? Who’s in charge of the prisons? Who prints the money? Who collects the taxes? Who polices the streets and the schools and your bedrooms? Who polices the airwaves? Who writes the laws and monitors the standards and coordinates the integration of the thousands of official institutions in charge of every facet of your existence?  Who controls the economy?  Who’s in charge of War? You may call the answer to these questions “The System” and you may understand that The System is in charge of every single material and behavioural aspect of your Life and that it has been since long before your birth…  and yet you believe you are free.  You believe your beliefs and opinions are your own. As though your beliefs and opinions were the one aspect of your life The System somehow forgot to address with the same organizational complexity with which it controls how you eat, drink, play, work, worship, void your bowels, buy things, sell things, make love, use recreational drugs, seek medical attention and die. Amazing.”

** B. What was MAO’s Cultural Revolution, essentially? An Old Guy with his picture on everything (Mao) convinced the Youth Demographic that Old People (primarily parents, and teachers) were the enemies of Youth and Righteousness. Thereby harnessing the incalculable power of young bodies and their irrational hormones to short term political gains and disastrous long term effects.

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