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There I was on EweToob,  avoiding work on a novel, idly watching a preposterously narrated vid offering to show “terrifying” things of the “Dark Web”… when I got a little twinge in my right pec, a wee throb, nothing much but I suddenly had this horrific vision of having a coincidental heart attack while watching this asinine video and, therefore,  being unfairly eulogized, for “all time,”  as the silly old fuck who “couldn’t handle” watching a EweToob video about the “Dark Web”.  Friends, I tell you, I clicked away from that vid as quickly as possible, looked for Porn but couldn’t find anything worthy (eg quadriplegic dwarf MILFs)  of me to have appeared to have died watching.

The twinge in the pec is long gone, in any case. But that (hilarious in retrospect) coincidence gave me a new category of thing to worry about. Christ. What you die doing, saying, seeing or hearing (or smelling) will become a very large part of your biography, if not the dominant image for Posterity, whatever the size that yours ends up being.

Quick: What do you “see” when you hear the word “Elvis”….? 



2LETTER ON THE ARREST (a blog comment i bothered to leave today):

Swallowing the official characterization of JA is as naive and/or stupid as parroting that atrocious “support our troops” incantation, but hero-worshiping JA is almost as naive. I see an extremely ambitious man who pitted himself, in a very dangerous game, against players his hubris* caused him to woefully underestimate. Is it heroic to run into a burning building if you believe, delusionally, that you’re fireproof? Just as “Occupy” should have taught us all a valuable lesson (ie: youthful enthusiasm + good intentions = whatever), we should learn from the trap JA walked right into. But we won’t learn if we think of him as a fallen hero and remain addicted to the romance of noble failures.

Please note that nothing released by Wikileaks (or “revealed” by Snowden), thus far, has generated public shock/ unrest on a meaningful level. Now, why is that? It’s interesting to note that the WWW represents the kind of revolutionary, Serf-connecting media-tech that any bomb-tossing, 19th century, anti-Hegemony tactician would give an arm to have access to… yet the only “shocking” info the Serfs have been treated to, on it, in thirty years: the US military fights dirty (to “protect us”, of course); there’s a casting couch in Hollywood; Politicians are generally corrupt… anything else?… oh, yeah, our listening devices are listening devices…. not exactly paradigm-shifting stuff. I mean, Jesus, Julian: nothing in your super secret files about JFK, even… which, as old as that case is, would actually *change* how the majority of lamestream Murrkans see their Gov and culture (such a change representing the holy grail of Resistance)?

Which is precisely why “Conspiracy Thuriss” are demonized (and made ridiculous by association with that hired clown Alex Jones and Flat Earth, et al). Even JA demonized “Conspiracy Thuriss”. Do we seriously believe Hegemony was ever at risk owing to JA’s or Binney’s or Manning’s or Snowden’s or Cryptome’s or Machon’s or Edmonds’ efforts (or “efforts”)? Was GW Bush ever seriously in danger of being tried for war crimes at the Hague? I feel sorry for JA but….


To which, of course, a wide-eyed hero-worshiper (who appeals to the Authority of that blog’s owner as though it’s irrefutable, chuckle-worthily) responded:







Speaking of “Conspiracy Thuriss”: I read a piece on a (fairly lurid, sometimes interesting, often wacky) site,  today,  claiming that the new “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” reboot is “normalizing” cannibalism:




In past articles on The Vigilant Citizen, I noted that cannibalism is, for some sick crazy reason, being promoted in mass media. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is playing its part. Big time.

In the first episode, Sabrina’s aunts (who run a mortuary) receive the body of a boy who was stabbed to death. Upon looking at the cadaver, aunt Zelda sighs:  “It’s a shame they wanted an open casket—we haven’t had long pig in ages.” The expression “long pig” is used by psychopaths to describe human flesh as food. Therefore, Zelda wanted to eat a young boy who recently was murdered. That’s great entertainment for our youth. In a later episode, Zelda dreams about receiving Satan for dinner. She prepares him his favorite dish: Roasted child.

Zelda spots a child who is particularly plump and tender.

She roasts the child. We see the kid’s head. These people are sick.

Sick yes. But popularizing cannibalism? Let’s think this through.

Anyone who’s read more than a handful of my essays here will know that I believe that the Media Octopussies in charge of force-feeding us crappy “entertainment” are, above all, running dozens of parallel,  overlapping and, often, coordinated social engineering campaigns. But the first logical question to ask regarding a suspected campaign should always be: Why?

We can guess why TFIC are pushing the Gender Wars (cut Serfy reproduction; same old divide and conquer); we can guess why insects are now being pushed as trendy snacks (to wean us off of steaks: more golf courses for TFIC and more delicious exclusivity in steak-eating and further-subliminally-demoralized Serfs); we can guess why things are going Cashless (total Control)… but why would TFIC be pushing to “normalize” cannibalism?

Well, other than the ongoing effort to make people feel that Human Life is less than Sacred (greasing the wheels for more War and bearing in mind that future generations less in love with the notion of Humanity are less likely to fight for it), what would TFIC get out of “normalizing” cannibalism? Do we really think they want to contend with possibly cannibalistic maids, nannies, jockies, prostitutes and shoe shine boys in the near future? No, what TFIC are pushing, with media bilge of this repulsive nature, is a “grassroots” backlash.

They’ll keep pushing content of this nature, instead of censoring it, until Duh-Masses demand a return to a kind of Puritanism the Pilgrims would have loved… but with a  Genders-Ambiguous twist. Every kind of baby will be tossed out with the bathwater, figuratively and maybe literally speaking. Duh-Masses will gladly form a reactionary crystal of total social repression and feel, proudly, that it was their idea, that they forced Da Massas to acquiesce in letting them repress themselves and self-police the Future’s soc med for any signs of aberrance.  Probably be a Judeo-Christo-Queer-Muslimic fusion. Burkas and all; recreational penis-vagina contact anathematized and, generally,  seriously out of fashion; notice how reasonable, and “mother earth”-loving, penis-demonizing, and anti-het-repro, can be made to seem. The backlash is calculated only to push back against Freedom of Speech, and even Freedom of Thought, in the end, while leaving the devaluing of Het Desire, among the Serfs, in place forever, possibly.

I assume we’ll see an Imaginary (New Age) Sky Giant fronting the genuinely omniscient techno-apparatus of the State and handling, conveniently (saving money on clunky, intrusive hardware) the Thought Crimes, just as His less-hip brother did for Millennia until being uninstalled during the mid-to-late 20th century. Or maybe She’ll be a Sky Giantess? The Future is most probably inclined to be a Faux Matriarchy (under the Control of that ancient through-line of Patriarchy). Stonings in the village square and all that. Above it all we’ll find TFIC, with their rare steaks and teen mistresses,  decadently lordly in their mountaintop aeries, confident that their little Serf farms are structurally unlikely to generate revolutionaries. The population (in the West, at least) gradually dropping to a “manageable” level…. the set-up stable, possibly, for a thousand years. Every other dystopian Sci Fi pulp paperback cover painting of the 1950s come to Life. The trick is to make “US” think it was all “OUR” idea, no?

So that’s why so much previously unthinkable Content is being shoved in your face, probably.

Do you really think that TFIC aren’t aware of the power of reverse psychology?







*Re: JA’s hubris: READ: “Assange: We all only live once. So we are obligated to make good use of the time that we have, and to do something that is meaningful and satisfying. This is something that I find meaningful and satisfying. That is my temperament. I enjoy creating systems on a grand scale, and I enjoy helping people who are vulnerable. And I enjoy crushing bastards. So it is enjoyable work.”




April 16, 2019 at 11:43 Reply

“The DNC emails alone shined a spotlight that resonates to this day on the complete corruption of the DNC and Democratic Party establishment, something that was left only to speculation prior to those releases.”

Resulting in what advantage/ boon/ victory/ concession/ miracle for Duh Masses?

Take your time.



April 16, 2019 at 14:06 Reply

Your troll boy logic, or rather lack thereof, is just a bit transparent buddy. Perhaps take your shtick to Counterpuff or some other site where your brilliant insights will be appreciated. LOL.



April 16, 2019 at 16:17 Reply

I merely asked the obvious question. Why not try to answer it?



April 16, 2019 at 16:33 Reply

StAug – ((“The 4 D’s: Deny, Disrupt, Degrade, Deceive”)) – these basic government troll boy tactics are identified in the government’s very own trolling manual which Snowden revealed for any who were paying attention.

When I see someone’s posts consistently exhibiting these characteristics it is clear they either “are” a government troll, or alternatively – they are “posting like” – a government troll. It doesn’t really matter which is the case, as in either case, I’ve got better things to do with my time. Comprende?

On the positive side it is nice to see that C.J.’s work warrants him having his own troll boy following. An obvious compliment regarding the quality of both his writing and analysis I think.



April 16, 2019 at 16:42 Reply

So: you can’t answer that question, then.




  1. Reading what you posit in 2 brings to mind the slightly off-brand reaction from some of “the media” to the arrest and pending charges. Namely, how it would seem to want to make plausible that “this” is somehow “the end of the freedom of the press” as if there were such a thing, which at any rate seeks to bolster the notion of these same media as free press.

    To 1: In the late nineties, my comrades and I in MiLkBabY were doing residence as the house band on Wednesday nights at a little jazz bar on Printer’s Row that Kahil El’Zabar had opened. One early evening prior to the beginning of the festivities, that night’s host, Aaron Freeman, and I were marvelling from the other end of the bar at the sheer size of the speakers suspended over the modest stage. He remarked at the potential for disaster to which I rejoined that I’d be pleased to be crushed on stage because it would, one, get me an amusing obit, and, two, that it would list me as “musician”.

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    1. Re: 1: Anything would be (actually, no it wouldn’t, but for the sake of this comment, pretend it would) preferable to Josh Martin’s ignominious obit, Comrade:

      Re: 2: as Jeff of the mighty BLKDGRD always says: KAYFABE. In an endless hall of funhouse mirrors on trampoline floors.

      Well, at least TPTB (TFIC) didn’t re-post that GIF of Julian in a disco on top of everything else (like arresting him after confiscating his shaving cream for a month)…

      Remember what Nabokov said about Joyce and patball vs championship tennis? THIS is next level material compared to my tart opinions:

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