Good stuff. Not quite sure what the “stuff” is but it’s good. An academically-trained practitioner of the bodily-invested postmodern breaks down c. 30% of The Internet for us: extremely funny, nicely horrifying and data-rich with fetchingly honest asides. Highly recommended if you’re over forty and don’t often trawl the paraverse of the toxinet…


PART TWO: My take on the Trans Movement 


Authority in self-identification would appear to be a (modern or postmodern) human right, but why is there no analogous (to the Trans Movement), credible, self-determining race-change movement? E.g.: there are lots of people with combined “black” and “white” ancestry and many of these with majority “white” ancestry, who, if they self-identified as “white” would be considered delusional, at best, by even the most progressive people. I suspect that if (phenotypic) race change were a desire shared by enough white males, Trans-Race would become a serious topic; even a human rights issue. Lacking white male desire/ participation/ militancy, race-change is not even a forbidden topic, it’s a non-issue… though millions (as several black performers already have) would probably opt for the “procedure.”* As a thought-experiment: how would you perceive a formerly-“black” person presenting as “white,” with or without expensive surgery to finesse the presentation?

In other words: is the issue of credible self-identification (on the level of gender) actually a question of the Marketplace and who it traditionally serves (aka white males)?


*I always have and always will identify as Race-Bi

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