So imagine a Central American nation (with a history of political assassinations) in which the former head of the Secret Police runs for office, as the Vice Presidential candidate, alongside an airhead actor running for President, and wins. Soon after this Vice President makes it into the number two spot  (the next in line for the position of President if anything lethal or incapacitating happens to the standing President), an attempt is made on the standing President’s life… and it’s reported (without much fanfare) that the would-be assassin is acquainted with the Vice President’s family;  even better: let’s  say the would-be assassin’s brother was scheduled to have dinner with one of the Vice President’s sons the day after the attempted assassination… everyone would roll their eyes at the obviousness of it, no? Everyone would say, “what a corrupt little banana republic that is! They don’t even bother hiding it!”  Right?


Go to the 3:11 mark in the video below, folks, for a quick glimpse at how it’s done in the biggest banana republic on Earth …


PS Well it worked for LBJ, didn’t it…? (If you have thirty minutes, read up on LBJ’s buddy Mac Wallace… the section headed “Posthumous Allegations”)

(Then read this and,  after scraping all the spin off if it, watch LBJ at work, trying to distract, deflect and seed himself a little alibi in the process: “JOHNSON: I think you oughta have that. I don’t … it’s incredible. I don’t believe there’s a thing in the world to it, and I don’t think we oughta seriously consider it. But I think you oughta know about it.” That’s really quite jaw-dropping… a crackhead couldn’t have been more obvious in attempting to deflect allegations that he’d stolen some frozen pizzas…)

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