1. (you know that Indian drum-singing is a thing; I’ve heard others do it as well. Chandra writes: “The idea stems from an Indian technique of calculation for drummers. The sounds that drummers make on the two, main classical drums (tabla in the North and mrdingam in the South) are repeated as onomatopoeic syllables. You learn the syllables first, before you pick up the drum. In South India it has become a vocal art form called konnakol.”)


        1. Tak dik takka dun. Indian music is fascinating and beautiful yet so far beyond my ken. Polyrhythms confound me. Also, love the way JMcL caresses that beautiful acoustic guitar with its scalloped frets on the cover.


          1. Someone should do a serious study of the quintessentially ’70s phenom of the meme-bundle of martial arts + lead guitar + mysticism (and/or UFOs) as it intersected with the young (15-25 year old) male libido. It all seemed so natural and obvious at the time! Laugh.

            And that JM photo always grabbed me, too (I can’t look at certain Al Dimeola album covers without fits of cringe, though). About once per season I go on late night prog rock or fusion-guitar binges… I feel exactly as queasy, after, as I would from eating a whole bag of treat-sized chocolate bars; too many blinding runs and too much time signature wizardry, not enough melodic (or harmonic) invention? 21st century axmen (Guthrie Govan stands out, for me) are able to take advantage of the great strides in live/production engineering (only the vintage mics can’t be bettered, still) to produce slightly subtler music. I still consider (eg) King Crimson’s “Starless and Bible Black”** to be great Art… but so many of my teen cultural obsessions feel so kitsch in retrospect! Even (mygod) Bruce Lee…

            **And what a terrible cultural betrayal that John Wetton went from the magnificent (adult) black goosebumpy existentials of “Starless” to the tacky BJ-bubblegum of the “supergroup” Asia! Scarred me for life


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