“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. Power is what all messiahs really seek: not the chance to serve.” -H.L. Mencken

“In the name of not horrifying ourselves for an instant (with the Truth) we subject ourselves to Horror in perpetuity  (within a Lie).”-Pastor Prime 



What I’d like to do is live in an undistorted culture, a culture undistorted by the top-down, and outsides-in, manipulations of powerful interests using powerful techniques to start false trends and implant false opinions in the masses of people. I’d like, for once, to argue with people who’d gotten their preposterous opinions on their own, reflecting the genuine shapes of their own minds as buffeted by private experience… rather than arguing indirectly with The State’s proxies in the form of brainwashed consumers who inadvertently ingest opinions and pre-fab personality traits with the media products they absorb like addicts. I would be quite happy to experience an undistorted culture while I’m still young enough to make the most of it, slapping open-faced strangers a hearty hello, on their backs,  in the streets, enjoying radio pop made by simply music-mad teens (free of the corrupting control of agents of influence) and going to the cinema to take a chance on movies with no hidden agenda, no boogieman to create or skewer, no mania or antipathy or lifestyle-trend to infect the minds of the audience with… just a blatant, human, honest and uncertain attempt to make Art. Imagine joining The Crowd to see  a shared cultural phenomenon that is innocent in its Art! What a simple and decent and, ultimately, beautiful Life that would be. Instead of this mad, and maddening, cultural pressure-cooker we’re all roasting alive in, most of us barely conscious. This hideous Distortion we pretend is Natural.

In the name of not horrifying ourselves for an instant (with the Truth) we subject ourselves to Horror in perpetuity (within a Lie).





Years ago, I was showing Daughter videos of kids having tantrums (there’s a whole wing of YouTube, of course), to entertain her… some kids as old as 15 actually having screaming, whining, foot-stomping fits over the usual suspects (candy/ curfew/ disappointing results)… but I gradually noticed something pretty dire: about 30% of these videos mention “Asperger’s” or “ADHD” or “Oppositional Disorder” , etc, in the tags. But mostly what I saw were kids being cranky, frustrated, maybe low on sleep or low on blood-sugar. They weren’t doing anything I hadn’t seen (or done), 40-50 years ago, long before these terms existed (or had become civilian catchphrases, at least)… long before human frailty, and childhood, became pathologized/monetized by unethical pharmaceutical companies and line-crossing law enforcement.

After the fifth video, I had to stop watching (though I kept clicking through for a while), because I realized a percentage of these poor kids were destined to be poisoned by highly-toxic drugs of convenience. Which is only so prevalent now because We, as a culture, have adopted a new relationship with Authority since the 1980s: credulous obedience. We no longer question and debate Big Daddy, we no longer demand proof. We assume “they know what they’re talking about” and “they know what they’re doing” and demonize anyone who doesn’t agree.

Things weren’t quite this way c. Watergate. Even popular culture celebrated (or appeared to) the principled (often martyred) whistle-blowers, the anti-heroes, the disobedient, independent thinkers who never trusted, and often opposed, and sometimes triumphed against, The Man.

When did all this stop?





At the center of the solar system is the largest “clean” thermonuclear reactor in the solar system, and it produces more energy, every day, than a hundred Earths could need or use in a year. It will continue to do so for  billions of years. For decades, we have had the technical proficiency to dip into this mindboggling surplus of energy  in order to meet all of our energy “requirements”.  For example: a network of  dozens, if not hundreds, of satellites (for which there would be no “night”) could beam the Sun’s microwave-converted “free” energy,  from the unobstructed  Sun to the earth’s surface, continuously… in concert with a myriad  other clean and clever local alternatives to toxic Oil-Dependent Energy. So why isn’t this much better system, of harvesting the Sun’s ultra-natural, super-abundance, in place? Quite simply, as we know: because Big Oil rules the governments ruling the earth.

Educated Negative Popular Opinion regarding petrochemical energy has been around since long before the (political) “energy crisis” of the 1970s: it’s empirically obvious that the electrochemical process of converting billions of tons of petrochemicals into heat and noise and physical movement, on national levels,  generates massive amounts of collateral pollution (regarding the “Acid Rain” headlines of the 1970s, the term “Acid Rain” was first coined in 1872). In order to preempt any organized grassroots movement to depose and abolish Big Oil and resort, finally, to the infinitely superior (and rational) Vast Solar, Big Oil very cleverly waged a long-term psychological campaign to make the Big Oil cabal-economy appear to be ecologically and socially “sustainable” through regulation (which is somewhat like making wife-beating “sustainable” via tougher sentencing). The genius of the campaign being that no one would guess, at first glance, that Big Oil is behind the “Climate Change” panic.

Every educated student of world-historical despotism knows about the old “leading the opposition” trick but few have extended their thought-experiments far enough. What better way to “lead the opposition” than to anticipate, create and fund it? Speaking of “leading the opposition”:

Wind and solar have reached a point where they’re impossible for the world’s largest oil and gas companies to ignore. But it’s not yet clear how the majors will choose to capitalize on this growing market, having wavered on clean energy in the past.

A new report from Wood Mackenzie examines the threat that renewable energy poses to legacy oil and gas operations, as well as the opportunity for wind and solar to diversify and future-proof fossil-fuel-heavy portfolios.

Replace the words “capitalize on” with “sabotage”


The Global Carbon Credit Market not only fronts a sinisterly brilliant transnational system of control that will be headed, in perpetuity,  by the usual Anglo-American suspects with ties to Big Oil (the various “exotic” faces conscripted to front it notwithstanding), nor is it merely a speculative system of virtual wealth-generation for plutocrats  (“With a US-EU engine established as a core, the global carbon market might rival some of the established commodity markets in the world. This implies that the EU ETS and US ETS, linked, could be an unstoppable force almost independently of any global climate framework.”); what the notion of a Global Carbon Credit Market system does, most of all, is provide the illusion that the ecological (and geopolitical) depredations of Big Oil can be regulated into profitable harmlessness in order to “save the planet”. Who cares about Sulfur Dioxide when we can reduce CO2… aka Air for Plant Life? And who cares about Monsanto’s “terminator” seeds? Just reduce that  CO2, the naturally-occurring molecule Big Oil can do the least damage to its own bottom line by whipping you into a frenzy over (water vapor, a greater “greenhouse gas,” than CO2, by orders of magnitude, would have been a much tougher sell as a boogieman).

Big Oil pays an extra “tax” or two (which will circulate back into its coffers, filtered by the national governments under its control,  anyway) and it buys the reptilian serenity of knowing that tens of millions of Serfs will opt for that toxic placebo instead of doing something forceful boycotting the gas pumps. The illusion of control (for those one aims to control) is always good for heading off restiveness and genuine change.

The perpetual failure of “The Left” is Hubris. “The Right,” which is clearly more clever than “The Left” is allowed to think it is, seems quite content to be thought of as “dumb” in exchange for continuing to Rule The World. Which irony, strangely, makes me think of “Communism,” a system supposedly lethal to Capitalism… which has been made, and kept,  famous by Capitalist media, in Capitalist nations, for more than a century. Gee: you don’t suppose that Communism was made famous in order to make Communism seem the only (and grimly horrible) alternative to Capitalism-As-We-Know-It, do you…? Thereby keeping our minds off of all the possible alternatives (chief among them Reform, or Non-Psychopathic, Capitalism: make no mistake; the “Communists” who inform you that “Non-Psychopathic Capitalism” is an “oxymoron” are working for Capitalism-As-We-Know-It,  wittingly or not). Oh well, I guess we’ll just stick with Capitalism-As-We-Know-It. Which is reminiscent of sticking to Big Oil because “the only real alternative” is,  supposedly, Fukushima.*

Every passionate debate about “Global Warming” (or “Climate Change” or, coming soon, “the Global-Warming-Driven Ice Age Crisis”) is a debate during which no one is talking about, more the less demanding,  the absolute necessity of switching from Big Oil to Vast Solar. The irony there being that not only is the Sun the most rational solution to the problem of most of our energy needs for the next billion years… it is, quite obviously, the overwhelming source of electromagnetic energy, at the center of our solar system, driving the climates of all of its respective planets.


How are we ignoring this?


*Google “Three Mile Island” and “The China Syndrome,” forget the spin and come to your own (hopefully-unbrainwashed) conclusions. The poster for the “The China Syndrome’s” premiere reads: “Today, only a handful of people know what it means… soon you will know.”  As if by magic, twelve days after the premiere, an event occurred that must have curled the toes of all the Coincidence Theorists of the era. It was “right out of the movie”, eh? 1979, at the height of the Big-Oil-connected (geopolitical) “energy crisis,” after the coordinated double-whammy of The China Syndrome and Three Mile Island,  a deeply shaken audience must have gone out and hugged the gas pumps.


Perhaps Jesus loves Big Oil?



Whenever I get the chance to enjoy the luxury of extended debate with people intelligent enough to confront a “shocking” worldview without becoming angry (or ending up in tears), there’s usually a point when I ask the question: “What do you know about the State that the State itself didn’t tell you? How many genuinely forbidden, contraband books have you read? How many intellectually radical pariahs and hermits have you been taught by?” The answers are ‘nothing’ and ‘none’. You have been taking The State’s word for it all of your life. Which is fine if The State is saintly in its kindness and god-like in its wisdom. Can it possibly be? And yet, does it not, The State, rather subtly imply that such  descriptions of The State are generally (give or take occasional and forgiveably human lapses, here and there) close to the mark? Aren’t Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln, JFK, RFK and BHO secular saints? And is that not absurd? And, yet, is that not unanimously encouraged, in tone, by textbooks, recycled in “learned” discussions for the infantilized and credulous “adult” audience?

I haven’t read forbidden books or studied under wild-haired radicals. But neither is necessary, because what The State works hardest to overwhelm are your Logic, your Critical Faculties; your faith in your own observations. Why are you taught to believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and Jesus, in the supposedly Enlightened West, if not for the purpose of softening your sense of Reality? If you can be taught to believe that an unwashed Bronze Age virgin without a foreskin worked miracles, rose from the dead and was the literal son of the Creator of the Universe… what can’t you be trained to believe? Religion is generally the child’s introduction to the common illogic of the Mystifications of The State.

Why are you taught that Politicians (usually the most venal, self-serving and ethically-challenged among us) Love People and want to “Help” them? Well, if they do “love” “people” their definition of “people” doesn’t include us. Whether the difference between the governors and the governed is hardwired or viciously cultivated with arcane institutional traditions, the feelings exchanged between The Few and The Many are 1) thinly-veiled rays of antipathy/ contempt from the top-down versus 2)  waves of infantile “love” and wide-eyed dependence welling from the bottom-up. We are all either  Useless Eaters or Useful Idiots and our children are Cannon Fodder or Coliseum Fodder and/or breeding stock. Our blissful ignorance is subliminally, and cynically, sold to us as one of noblesse oblige’s many dutiful mercies.


It isn’t.


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