Why do They call them “Movements”?


Way, way back, in the early Aughties (and how long before some scientist finally makes the announcement that one year in the early part of the 21st century is equal to c. 20 years of duration, in PsychoPhysics terms, in the early 20th?) there was a group of us… perhaps a dozen… a loose affiliation of Writers who’d met and began to cross-conspire Online. This last July 31st, 2017, one of us died… and I dug up this document from 2009, a Roundtable on Writing in which 7 of us, including our recently departed Comrade, participated. It’s a micro-historical document and pretty good reading and I wish Edmond were still alive to read it. The loose affiliation really only lasted a few years and never became a “Movement” of any kind but had it gotten to that point, the first sentence in its possible Manifesto would have been something intemperate against Death, Convenience, Venality, Stupidity, Conformity and Very Bad Writing…


Click to access roundtable-on-writing-tet-1-0.pdf

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