Bill Cosby, as it turns out, is more-than-likely a serial rapist. I don’t believe everything I read/see/hear in Mainstream Media (in fact I believe very little of it) but the apparent evidence is damning. Also, Cosby’s alleged methods of sexual assault are not unusual in Show Biz (I even periodically remind my sweet-natured Wife to never meet any booking agent/ studio manager/ PR flack/ corporate client in a hotel room or to accept drinks she hasn’t had an eye on from sealed bottle to cup)… this stuff happened often in those days and it happens often now and soft versions of it are standard. I’ve worked with more than one young female singer and take pride in the fact that I was always a little stand-offish, a little “too” correct and professional and focused only on the work… but I know so many studio owners and producers and talent agents who routinely hit on “the talent” (I even intervened to protect a singer from a producer, once).

So I’m of the opinion that Cosby is unusual only in being exposed, now, for those crimes. Do we really think that, say, Larry King or D. W. Griffith never stooped so low? We know Bryan Singer did… and of course Singer wasn’t the only one, in his blockbusting circle, to do it. Has everyone forgotten the Congressional Call-Boy scandals of the ’90s? Some perps are much, much better at never being exposed than others are; some perps have institutional support that extends all the way down to the level of the local police. And I suspect that Cosby was never very good at keeping his victims close. Too arrogant, maybe.

But the gravity of this genre of sex scandal has a way of collapsing the narrative into a passionately-simple-minded morality tale with far too much of the Truth crushed out. For example, Cosby is probably a serial-rapist, but that doesn’t mean that everything he said about the problems/failures of “Black Culture” (which is really just a cherry-picked version of American culture) is wrong. If only Cosby had been bright enough (bright through his evil) to suggest that people at the “poverty level”, on “welfare”, shooting each over expensive sneakers, is a peculiarly American kind of Pathological Status Hunger that white, upper-middle-class Americans suffer from, as well, but are much better at hiding. A poor black kid who covets $500 sneakers he can’t afford is different from a middle class white kid, who covets a brand new i-phone 7 he can’t afford, by degree, not category. Maybe Cosby has internalized too much self-disgust to see the problem properly. But that doesn’t mean he was entirely wrong, his (probable) rapes and his self-disgust notwithstanding.

Further: one of Cosby’s alleged victims, a victim of probable rape, framed her description of Cosby’s crimes against her in such a way that the narrative wouldn’t have disappointed a Grand Dragon of the Klan, c. 1957. She describes the (shocking?) blackness of Cosby’s skin; she offers the guess that she couldn’t have been “the only white woman” Cosby had drugged and raped. Rape victim: yes. Racist fuckhead: oh yes.

And, last but not least: a video is now making the rounds, going viral on a wave of thousands of Precognitive HuffPo Progressives retroactively deciding that Cosby always (always, from the beginning) gave them the creeps… (he never gave me the creeps, although I always wondered how two of his “daughters”, in the Cosby sitcom, could look so “white”, unlike anybody else in the family; what was he implying about the character of his TV-wife’s character?)…

… a video from 2006 (I think): Nikki Giovanni going after Cosby’s (then current) remarks about “Black culture” and those ill-advised sneakers, et al. Giovanni sounds like a fucking idiot in this video and makes close to zero sense as she milks the crowd for easy cackles and applause, by pandering, like any Good Demagogue, instead of opening the topic to serious debate. Just because Cosby was “smug” then it didn’t make Nikki Giovanni’s comments any less idiotic at the time and just because Bill Cosby is officially revealed to be a serial-rapist now doesn’t make her brilliant. She’s a fucking idjit. Well, most celebrities are.

The Truth is a mess.


Remember this? This explains most of the head-scratching anomalies of the past couple of centuries, if you think about it.

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