FAILURE IS WHERE ALL OUR BEST POETRY COMES FROM (and this source will never dry up)



In the following video (linked below), Yanis Varoufakis does a good job of displaying an ornate intelligence that might as well be purely decorative (it surely works its powers on his capable interviewer); Yanis is, as we know, already, from his assigned role as “Lefty” or “radical”, a Failure in the long tradition of failures, the essence of, and feel for which we all, in the Empire, ingest with mother’s milk. No agent of the Left has ever, or will ever, “win” in the Empire. That would be a contradiction that could only signal the Empire’s end. There isn’t a single instance of such an anomaly in “History” as we’re taught it. The Empire is a Right Wing manifestation and a certain percentage of the subjects that it rears and educates will opt for the Left Lane (or something near), which is not a total loss for any of us, because we get so much good poetry from precisely there, where all the really Great Failures go. It’s the only noble (and aesthetically pleasing) course; I’m not decrying that. But the Truth is the Truth and more of us need to be acquainted with that exotic substance. For as far back as anyone can “remember” (with the memory of the Race itself) this has been a Right Wing Universe; this Universe loves War, it accumulates wealth against the great mass of Human Lives, it crushes or starves Dissent, it entrenches Hierarchy in its tiniest fractals. Maybe this will change one day.

In any case, Varoufakis is a very charming Failure. It’s soothing to listen to him talk. But (and here we address a tiny peculiarity), as ever, such charming Failures with platforms in The Media embody a philosophical dilemma that should trouble both sides of the screen:  at 27:14 (in the clip), Varoufakis tells a blatant and enormous lie. It’s a whopper. As I write in the comments below the video:

“The diplomatic lie he has to tell us (and himself?) that all involved were ‘doing their best’. The age-old myth that all the great ills are structural problems and never the bitter (to the powerless) results of the bad intentions and evil programs of powerful people with zero empathy. A weird philosophical problem: to sound (and want to be) so transparent and sincere and yet promote such an utter falsehood.”

Truth Tellers tell the Truth but no one can hear or read them; Famous Truth Tellers tell a little Truth but not too much. The Empire generates a million such paradoxes everyday;  but remember that every paradox merely beautifies (or makes more interesting) a Lie. The lie that Varoufakis relieves himself of, in the video below, is delivered with such mellifluous intelligence that it’s almost a poem in itself.

Is such a lie a condition of our inevitable Failure or one of its causes?


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