target boss

Death has no real
say in the deal like the check
out churl in a corporate co-op hawking
pears as green way-pricey pearls you feel
forced to bitch at this
insignificant figure in loco which (admit you’re)
(rich bitch cross) though: spare the poor unworldly
hireling your ire;  target manbun’s out
of touch boss for your sense
less loss


i gave so many fucks

i gave so many fucks when young i’m stunned
i’ve come to give some still
propelled perhaps by self’s ill vacuum’s suck
at ego’s fragile crack to (with love)


r u sad sumtimes?

*r u 2 smart 4 sum one’s own good?
*r u 2 old 2 listen 2 kanye butt 2 young 2 die(t)?
*Is ur life just binary pot holders 4 the hot wok
*uv longings we out-of-it fools
*call Mind?
*R U?
*do u


hit gas irascible teen &
climb, for hairpin fogsheathed rainslick moon
-blind summitstrangling road won’t mind yet comes
a time &  you’ll cry (out / in voice
an octave low) slow
down! as cliff-edge brakes for


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