Scofield Thayer was one of those cloudy, ambiguously gendered, stinking-rich people floating around in modernism’s primordial soup in the early 20th century. Thayer was a conservative who published the ultra-peculiar Dial, dumped cash on James Joyce despite loathing Ulysses and hating the very idea of Finnegans Wake and he said snide things about ee cummings in private while publicly loaning cummings his pretty wife. I’m not going to go into any of that here (but: open your mind, as I always hope you will, to the idea that things are never what they seem and that “history” is a record of the many ways that the powerful choose to misrepresent The Past to serve themselves), this is really just a heads up that a “new” (started in 2015)  Lit Journal exists and it appears to be serious (unlike most Lit Journals and Lit blogs out now, it doesn’t look as though it’s designed to appeal to Philistines & Teens) and it appears to have been named after the mysterious Mr Thayer, in a nod to The Dial. Have a look:


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR [letters are vetted for cogency and style]

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