Not that I consider Assange a transparently uncompromised broker of filter-free info but this was/is 300 times more Truthful than anything, on the general topic(s),  you’ll see on/in  BBC, CNN, SLATE, HUFFPO, ABC, NBC, PBS, The Daily Show, The Daily Beast, Vice, NY Times or the especially-egregiously propaganda-rotten New Yorker…

Interesting that Assange couldn’t see Trump coming*; after the surprise of Dubya “winning” in 2000 and the “shock” of BHO’s 2008 win, I learned to expect a “surprise” every election. That’s the New Paradigm, isn’t it? Expect a Black Lesbian in office sooner than you’d think. But first we’ll probably have to endure another Clinton and/or Bush… not that the figureheads are the real problems. The real problems are the string-pullers, the pseudo-humanoid corporate leviathans they control… and the Zombified Masses, of course. Without whom none of this would be possible. Just think of Hitler: how much trouble could he have caused alone…?



*Of course, if Assange had predicted anything other than an HRC-win, he’d have been even more loudly pilloried for colluding in the supposed Russian conspiracy to “hijack” the election. Surely he knew that. Was his false prediction of the results really an example of Realpolitik caution…?

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