morning news: a pome

morning news-DSC_3287 (2)

sipping i read Jerhonda Pace was just      15

when she  met her musical idol, R. Kelly,     outside

his child pornography trial:  a     stylish

first line for a novel.               it seems

too bad it’s merely true, taken un

adulterated from straight-faced morning

news  (though more than just a bit)


(oh, fuck your tut-tut-tutting)

(boo). Kelly (50) also


paid for DJ Kitti

to visit his nibs in

Denver. soon

as our Kitti arrives R Kelly surprises by

blithely masturbating to plight his troth ’til

Kitti feels ill with fate’s LOL-call to “fall for” Rob and

flee her job (Bye bitches), relocating…


(y’all think bae a)

(gold digger: au contraire: she)

(hannah of 700 days to R K’s )

(heidegger, ameliorating)

(the higher man’s existential)

(malaise with growth-triggering)



… & thus she tacitly approved

of lawsuitable sexin

cult plantation livin’ for two

degrading & “hellish” years of something

like serial save-the-date rapes

among a latchkey cohort (says the court) of other young

defencelessly smitten beneficiary-

victims  (the)

(constituent unit of our)

(civil’zation); kittens of

all ages; wait: then Kitti

“decided” to

escape? a source too close


to R Kelly states

[herr und meister K] is conflicted. He’s a very

spiritual person, but he’s a little perverted,”  though

i’d take exception to that ‘but’ inserted

between person &

perverted (& so)

(should you). in other morning news: the


smell-test-failing (elon) musk

entrusted flame throwers to 15,000

responsible adults in just 48

hours for a fee & autonomous


replacement robobees are being

patented by the vaticanesque

walmart to

fuck real flowers

(since neonicotinoids, the DDT of the aughties, kill)

(millions of really-bees each hour while)

(they’ve got us brick-shitting burning)

(gaudi cathedrals of underinformed)

(concern over so-called surfeits of)

(C02;  you know the stuff)

(trees use)

(to breathe & Coca Cola to)

(perform;  Nullius in verba indeed; hey even sex slave)

(curator R K warns ’bout)

(global warmin’ / climate change/ alarmingly unforeseeable cloud)

(deformation/ droughts and/or heavy or light snows with capricious)

(rains in)

(his unknown hit)

(Sign of Victory which also addresses)

(World Peace/ World Hunger/ World Cash/ Celebrity needs & what)

(slave titty)

(does 2 the spiritual)

(brain). the faux-bee


article continues by warning:  “this is not

the only farming patent that

walmart has filed recently”

but that’s enough

for this morn’s cooling

tea (though when)


(news is through)

(with us as with the)

(platypus and the (one day, long dead)  truly)

(bee …  will)

(jerhonda/ beatrice remain)

(older enough for youthening)


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