incredibly capable crone (a super hero pome)


incredibly capable crone-DSC_3306 (2)
“Give them time, Bella told herself, they’re only young”.   – Jenny Diski, The Dream Mistress
“Over wine at dinner Miss Gamelon told Miss Goering that it was only
correct that she should be thus.”   -Jane Bowles, Two Serious Ladies


incredibly capable crone, undetectable

by testosterone, stealth itself in all

her undesiredness, wicked as a paper cut ( in

wit ) of tongue tip slit, mint

envelope too swiftly licked, many

(wo)manuscripts sent, her

grimaces thickening

palimpsests, she’s


coming for you yet, will

snap those dick lit pencil necks with

crone kicks really hurting, first

ninja blow ten blessings, disabling perm

erections by un




the offices of la fedora press now hot

with visceral mess. incredibly

capable crone eloping down

the fire escape all

iron-breathed;  thinking (better

than sex )

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