Melbourne Writers Festival - Opening Night

The problem with the Nanny Fascist bludgeon of choice (Twitter) is that it privileges dumb jokes and inarticulate rage (Hitler’s appeal was in his irrationally emotional and passionately gestural speeches, no?) over reasoned discourse. It only takes 140-letters (or fewer) to write something stupid, whereas publishing a thoughtful essay,  addressing every pertinent side of an issue, would require well over 1,000 fragmentary Tweets: Stupid wins. And don’t doubt for a moment that Twitter would have been a key element in the Klan’s lynching parties had the tech existed in 1911. The Brown Shirts, McCarthyites and Stasi would all have loved it: tells Duh Masses how to feel and gets them to the rallies and identifies The Enemy nicely. The really weird thing about Group Emotions being that Hate, Self-Pity, Fear and Self-Righteousness are so much more amenable to the thoughtless amplifications of mass media than Love or Reason. It’s almost as though the latter two aren’t scalable. As I always say: there’s no such thing as an intelligent mob. Or a loving one.

The antidote to toxic Twitter is patient, deep, articulate Greer. @14:27 is especially moving but the whole thing is fantastic. We can only hope that Genuine Feminism doesn’t die with Greer and her generation, though toxic, Neomanic Pop Culture and its insidious tech are doing their best, eh?


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