And You Trust These People with the Hydrogen Bomb?


There’s an unlikely New Repressed Minority deserving of our sympathetic, even scandalized, attention. Where is Gloria Allred? Where is Greta van Susteren? Where is RT? The BBC? Chomsky? America’s Puritanical roots are never more visible than when yet another attractive White female teacher or college student runs afoul of the bizarre single-standard in American Sex Laws.

These desirable (youngish) women get in big trouble by seducing White teenaged males; you’d think that with the famous shortage of marriageable Black males, hot Black females would be getting in on this craze, but the Media have nothing to say on that. These Barbie Dolls behind bars are all White, I think. And all unjustly jailed. Political prisoners of a literal-mindedly equality-obsessed Regime.

Are a fourteen-year-old male and a fourteen-year-old female so similar, sexually, that the punitive legal spheres, encasing them each, should be indiscriminately and equally fierce? Puh-lease, Pilgrims. When I was fourteen, I couldn’t smell the traces of the perfume of a woman, who’d walked the same sidewalk ten minutes before me, without sprouting a painful erection (if I wasn’t already erect): if a beautiful girl of twenty… or a beautiful woman of thirty six… or fifty, for that matter… had had mercy on me and treated me to an initiation at that age, I’d still be telling that story. And I wouldn’t have had to have waited until I was in my mid-twenties before my Cool finally kicked in, years after losing my virginity in a mildly amusing fiasco with a clueless girl of my age. I would have hit college with my Cool fully developed, a self-confident veteran of Cool, a Freshman with a certain swagger. I can only imagine what might have been.

Are fourteen-year-old girls naturally desperate for Sex? Categorically speaking:  No. Who pretends to think otherwise? The same people who demanded that women be allowed to die beside men in illegal Wars?  The same people who pretend a woman… any woman… grabbing a man’s… any man’s… arse… in almost any situation, and squeezing it… isn’t an essentially comedic act?

Young girls may feel “desperate” for a Pop Idol fantasy-boyfriend (with all that hand-holding, all those pillow fights, all that tandem selfie-taking and photo-flashed twirls together on the Red Carpet) but they, unlike fourteen-year-old boys, are not so desperate (blame Nature) to have intercourse that almost anything will do: socks, sheep, a  misplaced bra: anything. For most straight boys, consensual intercourse with an attractive (STD-free, non-deranged) female of his species can only be a blessing, no?  A hook-up devoutly to be wished. Anyone with more than twenty years of experience on planet Earth, plus an IQ of at least 100, knows this. Right?


Well, tell that to America’s tragic new class of Penal Martyr. Right next to that Black Male doing life (and lucky to be alive) for shoplifting a high-fructose-corn-syrup product, and among the Ancient Hippies who were tossed under the jail, in 1974, for possession of 5-millimeter spliff nubs (combed out of their beards at various check points):  the “older woman” who blew a football player. Prison time for Mrs Robinson.



So, this (in which the perp should probably be beheaded):

North Carolina woman has told authorities she returned home from work recently to find her seven-year-old daughter covered in blood, claiming to have been sexually assaulted.

The girl told her mother she had been assaulted by Brentley Jason Breyers, the man she refers to as “father,” according to police.

The woman told authorities she had left her four children with Mr Bryers on Friday morning while she went to work. A family member picked up two of the children Friday night, leaving the two others alone with the 28-year-old man. Authorities believe the alleged assault happened that night.

Authorities say the girl suffered “extensive injuries” from the alleged assault. She was taken to a children’s hospital about an hour away, where it is likely she will require surgery.

… is placed, within the same report,  on the same plane with this (in which the perp should probably be given a Good Citizen certificate and back stage passes to a Harry Bieber concert):

This is at least the third case of statutory rape reported in North Carolina in the last two months. Last weekend, a 20-year-old North Carolina woman was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy, who authorities say she met at the bar* where she worked.

What is wrong with You People? No need to answer that.




*Yes: that poor, innocent, fragile 14-year-old boy, who probably wandered into the bar by accident, looking for the library, when all his dreams came true… until his mother (Goody Proctor**  meets Nurse Ratched with a hint of Diana Moon Glampers***) put a stop to it.

**Sure, I know, “Goody Proctor” was actually a victim in the Salem Witch trials, theatricalized in Arthur Miller’s allegorical The Crucible, but her name is far more pilgrim-ish than the names of the other available characters; whenever I riff on America’s ever-erupting Puritan Retrovirus, I use poor Goody Proctor’s evocative name as a hook to hang my exasperation on. Sorry, Goody.

***How many of you get this KV reference?

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