A seedy character with the early-’90s porn handle Rob Bliss has something to do with a seedy video that happens to be going viral at the moment (it’s well on the way to getting 25,000,000 views). The video purports to show what happens when a reasonably (or possibly) attractive (De Gustibus…) woman goes walkabout on the streets of an urban kingdom for ten hours, filmed with a hidden camera. The video’s legend claims that in ten hours she got 100+ “catcalls”, but in the two-minute clip we’re shown a few dozen incidents… in which “Black” guys are rather overwhelmingly over-represented (90-96%?). While most of the YouTube comment thread responses would indicate that most people don’t consider the phrase “Good morning” to be sexual harassment (that’s the good news), many of the viewers (ie, millions, if not tens of millions of people) took it for granted that the striking preponderance of “Black catcallers” in the vid was an objective reflection of unvarnished Truth. Which is disturbing.

Having worked on a chain-gang-like Road Crew in East Berlin in the early ’90s (there’s a little scar on my left shoulder to prove it), I have direct experience with Aryan catcalling: remind me to tell you about the time I was smushed together with three mulleted German rednecks in the steamy, bubble-glassed cab of a vintage truck that followed a pretty girl on a bicycle at a crawl for roughly 5 km, while various invitations flew out the truck’s windows at her, and there I was, innocent post-’70s New Man me with nowhere or way to hide my face in shame. So I Googled the video’s title, smelling something rotten in Gotham, and, sure enough, as one guy put it:

 Woah fuck they deliberately edited out the white guys from that NYC cat-calling video; …

A few thoughts:

A) Sure-fire formula for a Viral Video: appeal to popular prejudices! But that’s too obvious. I’d rather you get your Viral the noble way (say, posting a vid with the title “LION PWNS GIANT TARANTULA”)

B) This video is staggeringly-more cost-effective, as Racist Propaganda, than BIRTH OF A NATION. B.O.A.N has been around for almost exactly a century and cost 2.41 million (in adjusted) dollars to make. I remember having to sit through sick-makingly dispassionate discussions of DW Griffith in college, and, further back, in junior High School, I became aware of the awful fact that my English teacher, Mrs Van Den Dries (nicknamed “VD”), was planning on showing B.O.A.N in class. I asked her not to and despite the fact that I was (or I assumed I was) one of her favorites, she denied my request… I had to squirm through it. Peering through splayed fingers I watched my big-eyed classmates in the darkened room take it all in as though it were a scandalous history lesson, not in Racism, but in the uncouth patrimony of my rambunctious brown dick. This was in the early ’70s, LONG before PC had trickled down from the Tower. Strangely, in 2014, awash as we are now in PCBS, the video under discussion, “TEN HOURS OF WALKING WHITE AMONGST PRIAPIC HOTTENTOTS OF DIVERS DISPOSITION”, is not only allowed but used as a teaching tool… in PC matters! I guess some PC proscriptions are more equal than others.

C) But think a little deeper: this hypothetical bubble of untouchable silence which some (non-Black?) citizens expect to travel through urban spaces wearing (aka the Psychogeographic Trojan)… which some citizens seem, in fact, to be trying to establish as some kind of Magna-Carta-granted Human Right… is different from the good old Master/Servant contract of “don’t speak unless you’re spoken to” (the rule for commoners when in the Queen’s proximity) exactly how…?


D) Legend has it that “Black” men like big arses. I never got the appeal of that, personally (De Gustibus…!). Sorry, big-arsed readers (I’m sure you’d make great friends)! But it would appear that Rob Bliss not only edited the “White” guys out of the “TEN HOURS OF WALKING WHITE AMONGST PRIAPIC HOTTENTOTS OF DIVERS DISPOSITION” video but the actress he sent out as bait… the girl with the big ass… seems to have been chosen specifically for her…. but, wait. That can’t be true. Can it…?


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