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Difficult to express just how hilarious I find this:

“An important early glimpse came in a 2001 experiment by University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Nilanjana Dasgupta and University of Washington’s Anthony Greenwald, in which they found they could temporarily reduce people’s prejudices by showing them pictures of black icons like Martin Luther King Jr. in conjunction with infamous white villains like Jeffrey Dahmer.”

I can only hope to sketch the vast outline of its hilarity by comparing it to the rest of the well-meaning article it comes from (which is ten times more hilarious and phosphorous-hot with irony)… but, before you read any of it, I have a sure-fire cure for subliminal involuntary racial biases as described in the article… a crazy new idea: Integration.

Yes, wait, hold on, hear me out:  try having lots more whites and blacks working, socializing and living together. Crazy, I know! But the depths of America’s hideous racial malaise are so caustic and murky that not once is integration, as a word or concept, mentioned in this liberal article about fighting racial biases. Because, I suppose, the article’s author and the well-meaning researchers he cites are so subliminally/involuntarily racist that integration is unthinkable to them?

“To date, psychology has learned an immense amount about how bias affects us, and comparatively little on how to fight it.”


“It’s tempting to think that simply being told that you harbor biases is enough to get them under control. Not so, says Yale University psychologist John Dovidio, who has spent decades studying what he calls “aversive racism” among people who profess to believe in egalitarian principles but still engage in racist behavior. “Making people aware of it is not sufficient,” Dovidio said. “There’s no ‘insight cure’ for it….You actually have to teach people ways to suppress their biases.”

Studying the issue for decades and integration never once came up, eh? That’s one helluva racial mental block.

“In one intervention, which echoed the breakthrough study by Dasgupta and Greenwald from 2001, this took the form of showing people photos of widely admired black celebrities like Bill Cosby alongside notorious white evildoers like Charles Manson.”


Okay, okay, I know. It’s not funny at all, really, is it? No.

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