“Yet many Christians have discovered that the Japanese view of religion can be rather baffling…”

Baffling… unlike the belief that the Super Being who created a trillion cubic light years of time and space sent an unfathomably tiny, carbon-based version of himself to an infinitesimal town on a speck of a planet in a smudge of a solar system on the rim of a nondescript galaxy about 4.3 billion years after the beginning of Time to be nailed to boards by bronze-age Romans at the behest of bronze-age Jews in a magical deal to absolve the same bronze-age Jews (and some other members of the species) of their “sins”, which are defined as grievous moral errors by the very Super Being who designed the moral equipment of the “sinners” … after not only providing the means and materials with which to “sin” but designing many of the urges (eg, the reproductive urge and its naturally corollary behaviors) as persistent and powerful compulsions the denial of which can result in insanity. Have I mentioned that the Super Being who sent Himself to be ritually murdered is also His own Son and sometimes manifests Himself as a third character called The Holy Ghost (with no specific attributes differentiating Him from His other two guises) and that He created His own mother, whose vagina he never touched on the way out of the womb? Or that, in the guise of His own Son, He supposedly ate and drank but never pissed, farted or shat for 33 years?

But none of that is baffling.


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