Where Idiot Activism and Social Engineering Meet


“So the next time you have the urge to call your little girl bossy? Take a deep breathe and praise her leadership skills instead.”

Except when she’s being bossy, you silly fucks. There’s a big difference between leadership skills and telling your friends (with emphatic gestures) how they should sing or eat their noodles.

“Jennifer Garner, Beyoncé, Jane Lynch, and More Urge Ban on ‘Bossy'”

Yes, let’s make all the booboos go away by getting rid of those mean old wordy-words… at the behest of semi-literate propaganda stars! Welcome to Orwell’s Disney! Erm, wait, is this so when Hillary is slipped into office, we can’t call her a Bossy Fascist…?

Well, srsly, Comrades. Guess who we can thank for this idiocy? Facebook’s own Sheryl Sandberg. Perfect. Facebook is no longer satisfied with being a super-creepy-surveillance platform, apparently: it wants to turn a whole generation of unwitting girls into a bossy wave of self-righteous pseudo-CEOs who will stamp their little feet and throw fits at the mere hint of (“sexist”) correction. Which is very much what we need. In an article about Sandberg’s word-banning crusade, they write:

“Few people disagree that somewhere on the climb between the graduation podium and the C-suite, women are getting lost. The contentious issue is what—or who—is keeping them down.”

Yes, in a culture in which we train girls to prefer frilly foo-foo pink things to sensible clothing, and to choose Barbie Dolls over science toys and worry about physical appearances *before* pre-school, and in which we teach them that strippers are “empowered” and that sex appeal, in general, is the best way to earn a little money before snaring a husband (who’s *expected* to be the “breadwinner”; men who earn less than women are *losers*)… what is *keeping little girls and women down*? Mystifying!

Our daughter loved her Spiderman Costume above all others and she was the only girl (out of hundreds) to wear it at the Halloween fest at the Botanical Gardens (all the other girls were dressed as Witches or Princesses… there’s a metaphor for you) two years in a row with NO SUPPORT FROM HER TEACHERS (who considered Spiderman a rather eccentric choice for a girl). When she relented and dressed as a Witch the third year, I told her: “Hey, you can wear your Spiderman costume if you want to! Who cares what everybody thinks? They’re idiots!”

But she preferred the easier route; she was tired of being teased by girls and boys alike. And I wasn’t going to press her into becoming a martyr for a principle at the age of 7. I encouraged, on the other hand, the subtler revenge of mastering her interests and subjects and she got, for example, the highest score in her German test and the third-highest score in her Math Test (only two students… boys… got better grades in Math… this time around). And guess what? When she’s being bossy (she doesn’t like it when she catches me chewing my tongue while I’m replacing the batteries in one of her robot pets) I tell her (humorously) to knock it off!!!

The word “bossy” has NOTHING to do with it; if some parents/schoolmates are being sexistly-selective in applying the term, that’s an entirely different matter… are we now no longer wise enough to recognize such a distinction?

Facebook is FULL of sexy pouty idiotic come-hither herdthink junkfood and stripper-style adverts featuring young girls selling Western Culture to itself with their bodies.

Good old Schizo-Hypocritical, Christo-Capitalist Pseudo-Values. What’s it really all about?


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