abraham newton


I have friends who have a fundamental aversion to fundamentalists who are, on the other hand, always claiming that whatever calamity comes their way is there to “teach them”. Teach them what? Sent by whom? Knoweth they not that Shit Happens?

I also never tire of pointing out to even my relatively well-educated friends that there is no empirical evidence, *whatsoever*, to support the hypothesis that our “universal laws” of science are anything of the sort; we use local standards to evaluate data from distant sources to “confirm” local standards. We use light waves/ x-rays travelling from millions of light-years away (we think) to come to conclusions that are invalidated if there are even slight variations in the “constants” according to time/location. The original framers of the notion of “universality” could only have been believers in a homocentric, Christianly-symmetrical universe to come to such a risky conclusion. To admit that the “universal laws” of science may not, in fact, apply everywhere, for all time, amen, would be to admit that We are not particularly important to, or noteworthy in, the “universe”. Heresy!

When Sir Isaac Newton claimed that an object in motion, unless otherwise acted upon, will remain in motion… forever… he was clearly relying on Faith.

To quote Ike:

“When I wrote my treatise about our Systeme I had an eye upon such Principles as might work with considering men for the beliefe of a Deity and nothing can rejoyce me more then to find it usefull for that purpose.”

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