A witty and intelligent Comrade (nah, chum, I don’t want to borrow money or anything, promise!) posted something on his FB “wall”, yesterday, gently mocking this “Ice Bucket Challenge” bullshit that has suddenly been sweeping the Monkey-See, Monkey-Do, Monkey-Post universe. Beyond the fact that the “charity” supported by people dumping (or not dumping) buckets of ice-water over their heads diverts about 50% of all intake to the generous salaries of the upper brass of the “charity”… there is something suspiciously akin to social engineering/ mind control about these herd-thinky fads and memes that so many of us subthinkingly embrace, in order, obviously, to *belong*. Belong to what? Humanity, one supposes.

Well, this Comrade soon got himself purse-whacked by the collective Terry Jones-in drag (Monty Python reference there) of the social medium (Facebook) he posted his joshing critique on. A couple of people (people I don’t know and whose respective relationships with the Comrade I am unclear on, since the Comrade is only my virtual acquaintance) rushed in to shame the poor guy for mocking the idiotic fucking fad.

And that’s the real point of “this here” post on my “wall”: the looming threat of the Nanny State of the “belongingness” Cabal ( aka “your family, friends, lovers, acquaintances and stalkers in virtual form”) to Free Speech. Which I was expecting that we, after so many years, would have achieved, as Mature Intellectuals, by now. Far from it.

The Gubmint no longer needs to censor or imprison dissidents/ radicals/ naysayers/ smart-asses or deep-thinking critics of The Norm. Millions of unpaid amateurs are more than willing to do the job of policing pesky outliers with the gory cudgel of Social Embarrassment. Especially the pesky outliers they grew up with.

Well, I don’t give a fuck!


And fuck the crickets, too!






*Copyright Mr EC

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