1. My educated friends who were not free to take a shit when they needed to or say “yes” or “no” when they most wanted to and were powerless to change conditions of their own lives which they complain about, incessantly, with resigned amusement, were worried about how free the Libyans and Egyptians were for much of the year 2011.
  2. I listen to Bach to organize the air.
  3. Sex doesn’t sell cars and music and soft drinks; these things are all used to advertise white women.
  4. We do not die but we forget, and forgetting is like unto death
  5. The invention of Casual: the facilitator of desegregation or one result of it?
  6. To the shameless go the spoils.
  7. Art is not the work of any community or in the name of any community or with any community’s aid or permission. The Community is already busy expressing itself when the Artist comes along; the expression of the Community is in the choral voice of flags, school plays, Rotary Clubs, dog fights, bake sales, church picnics, debutante balls, gossip, hate crimes, scarlet letters, Xmas pageants, multi-generational incest, parades, state fairs and local celebrities, et al. It is the ubiquity of Community’s expression (or its monetized, government-mediated, nationalist pseudo-expression) which calls forth an individualistic response from the rare (anti-) citizen; ie: Art is the individualistic expression in opposition to the Community and its oppressively leveling ordinances/ traditions/ taboos… its consensus-seeking sensibilities and legacy-bourgeois aesthetic. The Community generates a utilitarian (often parodic) ersatz of Art, called Craft, and that’s what some think they mean when they think they’re asserting the necessity of the “community” to the Artist and to Art. Art exists to smash the Community into discreet moments of individual contemplation, for as long as these moments endure, restoring, via trickery, to each body seduced into contemplation, a Self.
  8. Sisyphus and the dishes
  9. Defy your definition.
  10. They give you philosophers in lieu of the facts.
  11. Fate rarely opts for the strictly comic or strictly tragic when the tragicomic will do.
  12. Complacence is spiritual mediocrity.
  13. Existence: the inside of no outside.
  14. The dispersal of commentary in the tank of the social structure is now a skin-temperature colloid, equal in all values at every coordinate; a zero-sum, value-free, innocuous, semi-transparent and changeless form presented as content. The form is form-enforcing. The movement of an idea/judgment/fact from one coordinate to another faces resistance as a function of the cube of the distance traveled and is therefore impossible in any significant distance as is the spontaneous change of any value-free coordinate into the reverse-condition (ie, a value coordinate).
  15. Embrace inconvenience

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