1. aha, but, like most serious photogs who never use “auto” (i never don’t use it), he cheats by photographing (institutionally) spectacular subjects; imagine me hiring a balloon to take snaps of The London Eye: whooo! laugh. i’m a point-n-clicker who stalks the banal with lyrically-banal results, for the most part— in any case, these pix were reportage… a message to an Art Comrade of mine who’s in London for 2 weeks! the heroic window washers are cleaning things up until The Comrade returns!


            1. uh- huh, duly noted; LOL. duly noted – duly noted… duly noted! duly noted!

              were i to rank two series (one yours, one his) side-by-side, as to how much i “liked” each of the shots, i suppose they would be interspersed, yours and his – with… quite likely… your # 16 top of the list

              : )


  1. (the completely out-of-your-control – point-and-click or not – vape-trails… four of them! …. MAKE it!)

    (not to mention the window-details upon close inspection… two tiny horns on a dark faceless rectangle-beast? mutant black sod erupting from its space?)


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