Topical Paradox:

One thing is now obvious: some of our sociological terminology needs to be sharpened. Ie: the term “racism” doesn’t seem to speak, with any accuracy, to pressing racial antagonisms in America today: it’s far too broad (and of another era) to characterize the hotspots at the front line of social conflict. The term “racism”, in most modern American cases of social interaction, really refers to very mild situations. Eg: non-Asians thinking all Asians are proficient in kung fu, or that all Hispanics are tempestuous, all Jews are good with money, and reciprocal misunderstandings about “whites”, etc.

(Sidebar: “Jew” in America is read as a “tribe” or race, while “Muslim” is read as a belief system or behavioral pattern with racial overtones, a complicated discussion of its own: things like beards, headscarves and even accents become morphological characteristics of a virtual phenotype).

Much of America has apparently negotiated a semi-stable race-truce in which Asians, Hispanics, Jews, et al, can shrug off these provincial, non-discriminatory, race-based misapprehensions in exchange for general acceptance… a place at the table. With one very glaring exception… which brings us to the “Black Lives Matter” discussion.

Most cases in which the term “racism” is actually deployed, these days, would be more accurately described or evoked by the term Negrophobia. The paradox being that, as America assimilates every other “minority” group, the general concept of “racism” describes something more mild (lightly comedic in tone) while the Negrophobia intensifies, as the assimilated minorities join the mainstream, unified in their… Negrophobia. Negrophobia is bringing Americans together: a “post-racial” America will forget its various cultural differences in its ever-more clarified (and resolute?) Negrophobia.

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