Oh My White Friends: I Am So Done with Your Fucked Up Taste, Your Boundless Admiration for Artistic Mediocrities Blessed only with the Gift of Looking Somewhat Like You… so done with Your Infinite Capacity for Seeing Genius in Mental Illness and Originality in Jaw-Dropping Derivativeness (when the Derivativeness is Blessed with the Special Vitamins of Attitude, Early Death or Just Plain Lunacy) … I am So Done with your Susan Boyles, Stephen Malkmuses, GG Alins and your Mother Fucking Daniel Johnstons… and every other avatar of Fucked Up Taste (which is just a symptom of Bourgeois Oedipal Disaffection, after all), I mean, I know, De Gustibus Non Disputandum Est and all but this is ridiculous, friends! Here is your Shit and Here is Your Shinola: Learn the Fucking Difference! (viddy this, then shudder ‘n puke)



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR [letters are vetted for cogency and style]

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