Berlin (1744)

One of the interesting questions regarding power in the context of a State or Kingdom has to do with ceremonial, vs effective, ownership. For example, when Charlemagne laid the foundations for Strunk and White by decreeing that paragraphs had to be indented, words had to be separated by spaces and line-spacing had to be implemented to make sentences more legible, it wasn’t just a matter of style: the manuscript-illuminating priests had been very cleverly hoarding literacy, stealthily shifting the center of effective power away from the tribal chieftains who’d held on to it since dick-size and skill in battle were the primeval foundations of hierarchy. And so today: as the vast majority of us are illiterate in machine language and couldn’t write a line of code if our lives depended on it, at what point do the Cheneys, Bushes, Prince Charleses, et al, become clueless figureheads in a world effectively run by the talented, provincial Serfs who’ve been hired to administrate their Kingdoms? The hackers are the new Priesthood. What 21st-century Charlemagne will come along and decree that we all should be (code-) literate… to undercut the growing power/ ownership of the Priests?

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