There is very little worth knowing that you can inform yourself about, from scratch, to the extent that you can subsequently discuss the topic competently, by reading less than a page of text. But the wild popularity of a medium that restricts expression to 140 characters (equal to a cheap telegram, or an extremely laconic postcard) fairly guarantees that very, very few people will have the patience to read anything longer than the instructions on a shampoo bottle five years from now… which will give a tragic new twist to the meaning of a “1%”. Almost every day I encounter people with passionate opinions on matters they know little or nothing about, a condition of socially-acceptable foolishness they show zero desire to change.

Will anyone know enough about anything, in the near future, to offer meaningful dissent on the prevailing (ie, Ruling) view of it? Is Resistance on track, now, to become not merely futile but casually unthinkable, instead? Was that the plan all along, or is this one of those “structuralist” catastrophes that befall civilization, cyclically, simply because it’s easier for bad things to happen than good? Ie: it’s a helluva lot easier to fall than to fly. Inventing flight requires the quaint old fashioned bothers of knowledge + talent+ work + time. TL; DR. @‪#‎Fuckthatfuckingtwitter


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