Berlin (1769)

I hate it when people mistake parroting their masters for having something to say.
I hate Consuming which thinks it’s Creating.
I hate it when The Brainwashed see themselves as the Cognoscenti and
Passive Beneficiaries of Imperialism think they’re Anarchists and
Dabblers think they’re Veterans,
Band-wagoners think they’re Pioneers,
The Cosseted think they’re The Downtrodden, 
Petulance thinks it’s Rage,
Greed thinks it’s Hunger,
Inadequacy thinks it’s Boredom,
Boredom thinks it’s Weltschmerz,
Weltschmerz thinks it’s Genius,
Genius thinks it’s Wisdom,
Wisdom thinks it’s Universal,
Sex thinks it’s Money,
Money thinks it’s Talent,
Algorithms think they’re Music
and Bullshit thinks it’s Paint.
I hate that.


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