In the Name of Reason: Be a “Nutjob”

Berlin (1712)


The only sane, logical, clear-eyed and non-duped reactions to the Tucson Narrative I have thus far read emanate exclusively from “wacko”  “nutjob” “paranoid” “conspiracy theorist” websites. Certainly not a jot  of useful, un-duped, laser-eyed analysis is coming from the HackAcademic  Left, despite the fact that this latest event will, without a doubt,  open the gulag door for the next plague of draconian measures. Let’s not forget  that it was the dubious fizzle of an underwear bomb which heralded  full-body scanning (and junk-jiggling) at the airport. Soon to be coming  to your banks, cinemas, kindergartens and grocery stores.

Intellectual  Snobbery (and careerist cowardice) are inhibiting the kind of  cross-demographic dialog/ info-sharing we could genuinely do with about now. The evil  Right have their think-tanks, acronym’d spook clubs and whatever else  they have organized with unlimited funding and the unprincipled intellectual talent they  manage to siphon off the top of Harvard, Yale, Cornell and MIT (et al)  every year… what does the Left have? Nader’s Raider’s? (That’s a joke  for my over-fifty friends).

There is surely a surfeit  of mind-fucking conspiracy unsense smeared all over the Net. Obviously. I may  never stretch my sensibilities to a capacity capable of reading about  “shape-shifting Reptilians” without rolling my eyes (or even to the point of bothering  to read the stuff at all)… but it is as a result of very pointed  conditioning that we consider such nutty theories to differ, not by degree but by category, from the hallucinatory propaganda that would have us  believe that we are killing Iraqis and Afghanis in order to bring themdemocracy or that the Pres and his minions and masters give a fuck about all the little people who form the heap the top of which they waltz upon. In other words: 80% of everything you read, watch and hear is  molten bullshit, whether a talking head in a suit and a glue-on haircut told it to you or a ranty huffer in a trailer park hammered it out on a taco-smeared keyboard at 3am. One is fecal, the other is fecal with a ribbon around it.

The fact remains that not only does the suit not make the woman or man… it has zero bearing on the validity of his or her data.

There  is a grass-roots roar of clear-eyed, well-researched (yes, that’s what I said)  opinionating out  there and it has been assembled by the closest thing to a Thinktank or a  CIA that you will find on the non-fascist side of the sensibility  stream. The fact that it appears to keep company (having no paywall  insulation) with nastier, wackier, unverified crap should not be  daunting if we, again, merely take a closer look at the nasty, wacky,  unverified crap that we’ve been swallowing from the Dan Rathers and  Cokie Roberts’ and Mike Wallaces we’ve all grown up with. Pick-and-choose  was always the paradigm if you weren’t a total dupe, no…? It’s a matter of sifting.

I read this comment from the “Rand Group” (laugh) of the Great Unwashed and the justice and sweet reason of it encouraged me; this is not from the “well-researched” category… this is from the category of “I am from the planet Earth and am familiar with the behavior of actual humans”:

“It’s  a small point, I know.  But, when you watch it you’ll notice the dubiously injured Suzi Hileman nearly jumps out of her seat screeching, and then   “BAM”.  Afterward she and CG are on the ground, she bleeding and wounded   apparently, CG “undamaged”.

Well, it would seem to me, to be  believable she would have heard quite a  few “BAMs” as they were reported  near the end of the line, before  falling wounded.  In her getting lost  in her tale she seems to forget  for a moment that she is not the center  of the story.

Though shot in the chest, and in her gut, with a  hip shattered and a  thigh possibly hit, she is screaming, “Don’t you die  on me!!”  “Don’t  you leave me girlfriend!!”

She relates how they  are eyeball to eyeball while lying on the ground,  which is rather  problematic with her many statements of they were  holding hands while  standing in line.  CG would only have been up to  her waist when  standing.

A medic comes over and says ” Ma’am your bleeding.”

She pops back with a comment worthy of John Wayne.

It is cringeworthy throughout.”

My Advanced High School  Physics (snark!)  teacher drilled into my head the wisdom that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Or questioning. Don’t be afraid that the rest of the class will snicker if you raise your hand to question what  every 9-year-old  takes for granted.


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